Zoot suit?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by civpop42, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Years ago I remember my father ex para 70's era mentioning the term Zoot Suit.

    I am watching " A touch of Frost " and a shop called " zoot suit " is central to the programme.

    I thought I better check out its meaning.

    wiki ZOOT SUIT

    Do any of the senior members remember this term?
  2. you will love this one It was mentioned in a film and I thought of kid creole and the coconuts with grenades. mmmmmm
    zoot suit riots :roll:
  3. I take it my dad meant wearing dessert boots, jeans and regimental maroon coloured t-shirt.
  4. Zoot suit, great bit of kit, made out of para nylon, tops used to be standard civie dress mit maron t-shirt and desert wellies, Aldershot circa 1984 onwards!
  5. I remember those civvy-tops bits well. Bisley used to be awash with them for the services meeting, until the sun came out and layers were shed.

    And I remember the anti-SA80 T-shirts from about the same time. Made a v. good point, too - until some general had a SOH bypass and banned them.
  6. You knew a local tart was a mong then when you're in a zoot top and Ron Hills in the Wellington Centre and she asks you "What job you do"!
  7. Got one off a mate who aquired a parachute and got his mum to make some up wouldn't wear down the pub except for a bet but ideal running top etc.
  8. Are they still about? I fancy some 80s retro 'squaddie in civies gear'!!!
  9. I'll pass on the zoot top - but if you stumble across one of those SA80 T-shirts I'd be glad of one. Collectors' item these days, I suppose.
  10. Arktis make there own version of them

    have a look at the following link:- http://www.arktisltd.co.uk/military/midlayers.htm they call it the Stowaway Shirt.

    Its not a bad bit of kit, and packs down to the size of a pack of ciggies.

    Try RV Ops, they should stock it.
  11. Try the bay of evil, some gadgee in the NE was selling them last year :wink:
  12. A pair of trousers and a long sleeved T-shirt made from parachute nylon or (ideally) pertex. Windproof, quick-drying and comfortable was the idea. Never even seen one in the nylon myself - Survival Aids made them but how much?!?!

    Probably a very useful item.
  13. The darzi used to make them in FARELF in the 1960s during the Borneo campaign great for taking on patrol as spare (dry) kit.
  14. Squaddie off duty fashion over the last 50 years would be a subject all of its own?