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I'm sure the older and bolder members of ARRSE will remember the zoot suit with a degree of affection but younger members may not have come across them. The good news is that Trojan/Templar Assault Systems are shortly going to be releasing one in Vista ATP, i.e MTP by another name.

More in our latest blog below

We've been looking forward to the Templar Assault Systems Light Fighter Range from Otterburn based Trojan Group for quite a while now. The first product was the Light Fighter Helmet Cover that we looked at in our last blog post but we've now received details of the next items in the range.

The new Templar Assault Systems Light Fighter U-Lite suit is almost identical in design to the legendary zoot suits that were once de-rigueur amongst the parachuting fraternity. Traditionally made out of ‘parachute silk' they provided a layer of warmth to the soldier in the field whilst being small enough to fold up into the palm of your hand. The Montane Featherlite Jacket is similar in concept although primarily aimed at runners, walkers and cyclists.


On the other hand, the Templar Assault Systems Light Fighter U-Lite suit is designed from the outset to meet the needs of the modern infanteer. Manufactured in ultra-light 2oz rip-stop breathable nylon, it comes in a printed version of Vista ATP that is a near perfect colour/shade/pattern for Crye Precision Multicam, and hence MTP. There will be four products in the range including a jacket, trousers, shorts and carry bag.

The TAS U-lite jacket weighs a miniscule 198 grams which includes a zip away hood, full length YKK zip and under arm mesh ventilation. There will be Multicam Cordura on the shoulder and forearms to reinforce stress areas and make it robust enough to survive under body armour, webbing, etc. It will be available in sizes from small to XXL with a generous cut so you can get it on top of other kit.

The TAS U-lite trousers are even lighter at a mere 140 grams but are also designed to meet the specific requirements of an infantry soldier. Thus they have thigh high zips on both sides to allow easy donning over boots and a double lined seat area for extra durability. The trousers will be available in waist sizes from 30 to 38 inches with two lengths of leg, regular and long.

We're not convinced about the requirement for the TAS U-lite short but they come in at 84 grams!

Finally there will be a mesh carry bag to take the suit at 24 grams.

We hope to be able to provide more info including high resolution pictures and details of when our stock will arrive in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space!

Click here to see our range of Templar Assault Systems products
Zoot suit jackets were all the fad for running in many moons ago. Made out of Parachute silk. As a money spinner you should knock some up in Regimental/Corps colours. Fashion goes around in circles and they're due to be "In" again.
Always made me sweat the proverbial airborne chap in a numeracy challenge.

However Rodney 2Q reminded me of this.... S'alright...

As an alternative - I bought a Montane windshirt years back for about £30. It's single layer Pertex and was great for a running jacket, also brilliant over T-shirt/under smock as it trapped a layer of warm air. It also weighs rock-all and can be scrunched up into a small bag (which I promptly lost) to stash away. I'd recommend it to anyone...

tell ya what would be good a zoot suit outer with a micro fleece inner.


Im getting old as my first thought was a regiment looking like Kid creole and the Coconuts
yeah " quickly googles one up "
Zoot suit jackets were Made out of Parachute silk. .
They were made out of calendered (sp?) nylon ( nylon which has been put between two, heated industrial sized rollers). This treatment affects the porosity of the material, peculiar to use in parachute design.
More like the Buffalo Wind Shirt, which I have had for some 20 years and its still going strong. 220g and packs up into a normal cup. used to chuck it on over a fleece and hey presto, nice and warm :)

Crossed wires methinks.

The concept of a micro fleece lined zoot suit suggested by thecoops has been done by Buffalo who called it the Teclite shirt.
Heh. You think you got your wires crossed. I thought Kid Creole and the Coconuts were making a comeback.

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I remember being 15 and standing outside Chigwell station early one morning, waiting to be picked up by my grandad after a party, dressed in a gray Zoot Suit and loafers. Remembering that as a kid I was a skinny bugger, I must have looked like I had been routing about in my grandads wardrobe and found his old demob suit. What a twat!


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bet you looked like a real hep cat daddy-o!

THIS is a Zoot suit

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