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Totally impractical.. there's no place you could legally drive at that speed and there has to be some nod to reality over the pricetag

but hell $ 1.2 million for a car that goes 400 kmph and accelerates 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and puts out 1.3G's..


I'm surprised that they actually have buyers lined up [ then again ] .. they sell as many cars in a year what GM sells in a minute [ or used to ]

oh, they bought SAAB just so they can make ' practical' cars as well..

what is it with men and chrome? and leather interiors? and buttons and dials? and speed? and...


Markintime said:
PrinceAlbert said:
I have a smart car.....it's quality.
Sound move given your location and where you work but doesn't fit my mental image at all. :D
It's ideal in London. My mate does say that I look like Bowser (from supermario fame) when I'm driving it.
Rocketeer said:
what is it with men and chrome? and leather interiors? and buttons and dials? and speed? and...
Speaking for myself, if it doesn't come with a great big FO gun as standard I'm not interested...


So is this SSC Ultimate Aero TT


Specs of the Machine that clocked the Production Record in '07 are..

6.35 litre, V8 Twin Turbo 1,183 bhp at 6950 rpm
Highest Recorded Speed: 413km/h, beating the Veyron's 407 km/h
Highest Theoretical Speed: Roughly 437km/h

An interesting fact is on cars like these, If you were to hit roughly the 405km/h mark, you would burn out your tires in more or less 15 minutes.


The Veyron still has the highest acceleration... 0-100km/h in 2.46 sec
AND this baby has 10 Radiators.
AND to hit the Top Speed, the driver needs to use the special Top Speed Key, and go through a checklist to verify that he knows what the fcuk he's doing.
Maclaren F1 (still a fab car)

Top Speed 386/240.1 km/h / mph
0-60 3.2 seconds
0-100 6.3 seconds
0-150 12.8 seconds
0-200 28 seconds
1/4 mile 11.1 seconds @ 222 / 138 km/h / mph
Standing km 19.6 seconds @ 285 / 177 km/h / mph


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