Zoom Zombies


A quick question or 27 to CFAVs and Cadets no matter what flavour.

Are you totally Zoomed* out?

Are you over exposed to all the online ‘virtual’ lessons, presentations, quizzes and meetings?

Are they, along with all the school stuff just too much and your brains are melting?

Is there anything you’d like to see done ‘virtually’?

Anything that’s not being covered, within limits obviously.

* other learning/meeting platforms available
For the dark blue side, we’re having games thrown into our zoom sessions alongside the actual lessons.

For example, at the start of a lesion we’ll have them running around the house to find various random objects and bring em to the camera one at a time before we tell em to go find a rope or piece of string or something else we can use for our knot tying lessons.

We’re also running virtual basic PTI qualifying courses for the cadets to get them active and ensure they’re still earning branch qualifications too. It’s a day and half of some theory lessons, practical demonstrations up out of the seat, small bit of course work and then they have exactly 2 weeks to do a time recorded 2.4km run, and video record how to do gym drill, demonstrate daily exercises, and how to run an RT game competently (using family members/ toys/ other inanimate object in place of real people). Yeah they’re still on zoom but you’re getting them out of their seats.

I know the SCC are the only one with PTIs but I’m sure that the other forces have the ability to still run and manage games?

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