Zoological Expeditions education

Hi All,
I'm currently trying to develop a new higher education course entitled 'zoological expeditions'. Before it all goes to Plymouth University for approval, I was hoping to get some feedback on, e.g. course content, whether those leaving the army would be interested in doing the course as a means of getting into higher education etc. I'm approaching army/ ex army as I figured that most of you would already have many of the skills necessary to organise and run an expedition but maybe weren't sure how to best use them. Any feedback would be great!
tried to attach a basic outline of each of the modules and a questionnaire but no joy?? If anyone is interested, can you please email me direct on angie.nash@cornwall.ac.uk
if not, any comments on whether or not you feel that it would be a good course, what it should include, whether you feel it could help you gain employment on leaving the army etc, would be really handy.

I presume you are familiar with the work of Redmond O'Hanlon? His book "Into the Heart of Borneo" is a belter, and deals with a bit of the preparation involved.

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