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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by jack-daniels, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. My Norton anti-virus is out of date soon and I was looking at the Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite. Anyone know if it's any good? Pros and Cons of it.
  2. Loads of Pros,haven't found any cons yet. Been using it for the last 7 years,when ever I get a new computer it's one of my first downloads,your only problem is getting all the Norton crap of your computer first,good luck.
  3. With advice like the above, you will have hours of fun with what Zone Alarm does for you.
  4. Norton Internet Security 2008 has just been released and is a big improvement on it’s previous versions, chewing up less resources than before.

    As far as preventing/removing viruses go Norton are still one of the best around.
  5. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    AVG Free. Unobtrusive, light and never had any problems. Oh, and free. Not a 'suite' as no firewall or anti-spyware, but windows XP / Vista / Linux have their own (OK as far as software firewalls go) and there are free and good anti-spyware tools out there (or Windows defender), eg. spy-bot.
  6. I use AVG as antivirus and must agree with Good CO, its pretty swish. Zonealarm is very good and has saved me loads of aggro with viruses.

  7. I use AVG and zone alarm on the laptop and had no drama whatsoever with it. Used a fair bit on line and like I said, pretty good.

    For the household P.C. though, I use NOD32. After some serious issues with norton, which got binned. After reading a few threads on here I went with NOD32, Bloody fab so far. You do have to pay mind, but a 30 day trial is available.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers N_W.
  8. Norton is feckin rubbish, try removing it if something goes wrong with it, you can't, the only way to rid yourself of the menace is Format C:! AVG suite is the way ahead. If you don't want to pay, get AVG anti virus for free and Zone alarm firewall for free!
  9. When I have been moonlighting as a techie bod doing house calls I always pop on:
    AVG - Anti Virus
    Zone Alarm - Fire wall
    Ad-Aware - Anti Mal/Spy ware.

    They are all free and work really well togeather - my customers love it.
  10. Must agree with Vermin. I had Norton for ages and the renewal date was approaching. I found my computer was running a little slow and looked at running tasks - 45!! Mostly Norton. I googled Norton and reviews, lots of problems with it. I removed it (and also visted the Norton website for removal to clear the registry) I now have bit defender total security. It only looks for updates at startup - unlike Norton every 30 mins. I now only have 32 running processes and computer is much faster.
    Norton was a memory hog and it seems the more memory you have - Norton will steal it. No surprise it's half price, it's on the way out.
  11. It always suprises me how many people put up with Norton's shit system, lets face it once you have it on your system it's a right bugger to get off again.

    Oh, and AVG has an option to run a less mem hungry scan. It's slower but gets the job done.
    Once you have set up Zone Alarms Prog settings you can sit back and relax.
  12. I use linux and don't have any anti-virus software. :wink:
    Zonealarm's good though if you use windows.
    It's not 100% leakproof but then not many are.
    Give yourself a head start and don't browse the web as an administrator.
  13. AGV for anti virus, Using a router so no need for ZA, just use windows own firewall. Never had any virus issues, then again I don't open shite e-mails
  14. Email as an attack vector is becoming increasingly rare due to vigilant filtering by ISP's and Email service providers.
    You're more likely to get infected through browsing legit sites (like this one) that have been quietly hacked which will compromise your box using one of the many windows and browser vulnerabilities (12 this week) available.
    Legit sites have now become a more popular attack platform than dedicated rogue sites. Once infected something like windows firewall won't stop a trojan 'calling home' since the trojan will just add itself to the allowed list. It can even set a registry flag to make the allowed list entry hidden which is a worrying design feature of windows firewall! Why would anyone do that? :?
    Simple solution: Patch your box and don't be admin.