Zombies of War

While doing my weekly shop I noticed this little beauty sitting on the DVD self.
Zombies thinks I. Nazis thinks I. Zombie Nazis thinks I. FAntastic!!

Or not, great plot and story line but the acting was so bad even by B Movie standards. The camera man should be shot. Crap film all around. ~There is a reason why it has gone straight to DVD. :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
Brainzzzzzz!! (said in a monotone Zombie type voice) :D

I heard through the zombie spotters hotline that the reason the movie was pants was actually (and according to the press release) that the director , cameraman and most of the crew where in fact "infected"....so therefore technical Zombies.....apparently :?

I say that as I have researched the subject thoroughly following a massive amount of hits to our website www.pocketcomms.co.uk discussing a zombie version of our product from www.zombiehunters.org and frankly following this level of interest I have already started to put some outline sketches together for future discussion.

Any thoughts?


moving-target-survivor said:
Sorry.. Love all thing zombie but Dead Snow was a bit s*** IMHO

started well but was perhaps a missed opportunity? Far too many cliches for my liking :(
You lost the fcuking plot a bit then, it was supposed to be mockingly funny with a side of gore 8O
GrizzlyPanda said:
Werewolf said:
GrizzlyPanda said:
Not seen it, but it's supposed to be rather shite, even for a cheap film.
Try Dead Snow, that'll sort you.
See you and raise: Outpost, starring Ray Stevenson. 8)
Now THAT is a cracker, forgot about that. They banged it up on sky premiere not too long ago.
some genuinely creepy scenes...like the moment when they realize the true identity of the "survivor"... 8O

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