Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by wellyhead, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. As I know all things walking undead are a popular topic here, I would just like to mention I saw Zombieland recently and is rather excellent if I dare say so.

    Lots of comedy zombie kills , extremely hot chick (Emma Stone) and catchphrases I can see being repeated all over squaddieland, I can already see Rule 2 entering the lexicon

    Also the spotter in me needs to mention the presence of a Chieftain and a 432 (well one of the 43 series anyway) which is surprising due to the fact it was filmed in Georgia.
  2. It was no Shaun of the Dead. Enjoyed the Bill Murray cameo though.
  3. Having a viewing in the mess TV room tomorrow night, looking forward to it. I just have to remember to lay off the Stella and not take my lobo with me.
  4. Agreed. Awesome film if not a tad too ridiculous at some points. Loved the scene in the young lads flat with the hottie. What was rule 2 again?
  5. Yep - good film, good fun. Woody Harrelson was made for the role.
  6. Haven't seen this one yet but will certainly take a peek, watched "Doghouse" the other day, BBC (I think) written zombie comedy that was pulled off well with little to no budget.

    Good squaddie/lads humour throughout so worth a look if you're into the undead genre.
  7. There is an unacceptable aroma of fox p!ss and twiglets hanging around this bint.
  8. but you know you would

    rule no2 : beware of bathrooms

    but rule no1 : cardio, cardio, cardio!
  9. Don't talk about Fight Club ;)
  10. Funniest movie I've seen for a while, Bill Murray was bloody hilarious. Woody Harrelson was perfect as a dumb ass redneck (no shock there) and the bird looked dirty. Particularly liked the clown.
  11. Favourite Quote "Y'all ever see a Lion Limber up?"
  12. Double tap!
  13. Thats Rule 3, Rule 2 is Double Tap

    In fact, heres the list

    01. Cardio
    02. Double tap
    03. Beware of bathrooms
    04. Seatbelts
    06. Cast iron skillet
    07. Travel light
    12. Bounty paper towels
    15. Bowling ball
    17. (Don't) Be a hero
    18. Limber up
    22. When in doubt, know your way out
    29. The buddy system
    31. Check the back seat
    32. Enjoy the little things

    Some of those rules were in ads not the film its self
  14. double bugger and doh!
    no1s still the most important though
    now wheres that cistern lid?