ZOMBIE Fungi found.

You thought all those zombie films and stories where just made up?
Think that Z day can never happen?

Time to think again and sharpen the shovels as four new species of brain-controlling fungi that turn ants into zombies that do the parasite's bidding before it kills them are discovered

New Zombie-Ant Fungi Found - Yahoo! News

All it is going to take is a quick cross spieces mutation and we will have to start blowing heads off.


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It's surprisingly common. Another fine example:

"Leucochloridium paradoxum: Parasite for Sore Eyes.
Leucochloridium paradoxum are a type of fluke (a.k.a., parasitic flatworm) that prey on birds – a fascinating turn of events considering they begin their lives as eggs in bird droppings. Thus, the problem facing baby Leucochloridum paradoxum is, "How do I get myself back into one of those feathery things?" Taking a page from Greek history, the infant flatworms rely on Trojan trickery. First, they hang out in the droppings until a snail happens along and eats the bird dung. Then they initiate their devious plan of action by taking up residence in the snail’s eyestalks. (Sure, it sounds slimy and gross to us, but after a childhood spent living in bird feces, it’s a step up.) As they mature, the flukes become visible through the snail’s translucent skin. And that’s when things get interesting. To a bird, this fluke-filled eyestalk looks like a caterpillar. So the bird devours the stalk and ends up with a bellyful of Leucochloridium paradoxum that will, of course, lay eggs and begin the cycle again. Meanwhile, the snail shakes its head, shops for an eye patch, and vows never to eat feces again."
Love the above. Wasn't there a thread on this forum about which weapons would be most appropriate to fight zombies? I think the whole COD Black Op's Zombie thing has given it a whole new dimension. 12 gauge, right?
You should go to Cwmbran Shopping centre. I stopped by there on a visit back to the UK last year and was convinced that the Zombie Apocalypse had started already, everyone was shuffling around making low moaning noises, with glazed over eyes, and just bumping into the shop doors and not actually appearing to buy anything.

The only things with any form of life in them were the chavs shouting at each other.


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Anyone ever watched "The Expendables"? A bloke in that has what must surely be the greatest weapon EVER for dealing with zombies: an AA-12 with a 200-round drum mag.

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