Zombie Economy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Robbeaus, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. C4 have a programme on the Box Monday called
    Can George Osborne revive our zombie economy? - Channel 4 News

    This must be some sort of new approach to the economy, which has sought new recruits to deal with it?

    I did wonder the other day what you lot were on of late. I must have missed the recruiting drive. So will you be opening a new post to let those of who wern't selected know what you are getting up to then?

    Must be one heck of an opportunity stumbling around in rags arms out stretched with a one-eyed look about you and mumbling a pile of shite (rather like on here then)

    Best of luck then
  2. Could be worse, werewolf economy.
  3. If a zombie wanted to eat your brains, he'd crack your skull open and not even find enough to cover a Ritz cracker.
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  4. That much? It wouldn't cover a shreddie!
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  5. If brains were flies he wouldn't have enough to fill a non-swimming, starving child's eyelashes.

    The dole draining wank bubble.
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  6. Ummmmmm............

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  7. were you born a throbber or did you sit exams?

  8. He's just trying to outbosun Higgs.
    (This "man" has no ambition)
  9. I dont get the dole
  10. Ems of course, stupid question. So what job did they give you then for this zombie stint?
  11. ATOS finally called time on your fraudulent claim then?