ZNLs Spin Bites its own Arrse

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hootch, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. From Guido


    McNulty Slams Brown's "Desperate" Golden Hello Jobs Plans

    Gordon Brown's Job Summit at the Science Museum in London will announce plans to pay employers "golden hellos" of up to £2,500 for recruiting jobless people. What does the DWP's Jobs Minister, Tony McNulty, say about the plan?

    Press release
    Tuesday 11 November 2008
    For immediate use

    Tories making headlines on the hoof - McNulty

    Tony McNulty MP, Labour's Employment Minister, responding to the Tory announcement on unemployment said: "This is desperate stuff from the Tories, who continue to scrabble around trying to find a coherent economic policy.

    "There is no way they can get 350,000 new jobs out of these proposals. There are too many restrictions being applied, the incentive is too small and many of these 'new' jobs will simply displace other people seeking work.

    "In addition, the Conservatives just cannot pay for this tax cut - it is misleading of Cameron to say he can pay for getting the short-term unemployed back into work by using figures of savings you would make from the long-term unemployed.

    "Osborne's judgment is wrong yet again. They are making headlines on the hoof and they will be found out. "They need to make their sums add up - particularly at such a difficult time for the global economy."

    Editor's notes:
    1. Their figures on how many jobs would be created are complete fantasy. The Tory plan assumes that an employer would create a new job for someone unemployed for more than a year for just £2500. The Tories have failed to take account of the displacement of workers who would have gotten jobs anyway. Currently 60% of people come off job seekers allowance within three months - this number would drop dramatically under Conservative proposals as employers would be incentivised to overlook people who have been out of work for 13 weeks or less.
    The sharper among you will point out that this is a Tory plan he is criticising as a "complete fantasy" and "desperate stuff". So what will McNulty say about the plan now the government has lifted it lock, stock and barrel? McNulty's Shadow, Chris Grayling, welcomed the chance to implement his policy by proxy "I think it is the right step to take. But it is ironic ministers are walking around saying the Conservatives are a do nothing party, then adopting our policies." Ouch!

    UPDATE : Some bloggers copy party press releases, some blogs are copied by party press offices... CCHQ at 10.38 sent out a press release quoting McNulty's above November attack on what is now government policy. Wonder where they got that idea?

    Guido also caught an old friend of ours - TCH

    Guido's Geoff Hoon story from earlier last week has made it to the Mail on Sunday, where it is used to illustrate the hypocrisy of the political class. Hoon bought his daughter private tutoring in interview technique to successfully give her a better chance of winning an Oxbridge place at a time when Brown is, we learn from the Observer, bringing back Alan Milburn, to "undertake a review of obstacles faced by poorer children seeking to enter careers such as law, medicine and the media" in order to promote social mobility. Chris Grayling hits Hoon on the head, "Time and time again we see double standards from Ministers. They want to change the rules to make it tougher for everyone else while enjoying all the perks for themselves and their families." Guido understands that Hoon desperately tried to kill the story with a threat to go to the Press Complaints Commission for breach of privacy.

    Guido thinks politicians (and candidates) should not be allowed to claim privacy protection, all their behaviour as public office holders and aspirants should be subject to scrutiny in the public interest. We need to know if they are hypocritically extolling one law for us and another for themselves. Which of course Hoon is guilty of here without a doubt, just as Gordon was when he got private dental treatment.
  2. Conversely..

    Tory refusal to get into an all party working group to solve UK crisis , but prefer to back bite and whinge from the wings bites it on the Arrse?
  3. How is it biting the Tories on the backside?
    As for the all party working group idea, wouldn't that simply mean full steam ahead with Mr Brown's policies wether they agree or not?
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    They aren't in power, and it does not behoove them to join an 'all party working group' to solve the crisis as ZANU will blame any failings to solve the issues on that group, and thus the Conservatives.

    An 'all party working group' on such a nationakl crisis is only formed by the party in power to spread the blame.
  5. Whta, so that Labour can pinch yet more of their ideas and present them as their own, whilst attempting to ridicule them in public? Brown got us into this crisis - he has stated on numerous occasions that he is the man to see us through it, so let him crack on.
  6. Surely I am not the only one who is appalled that this creature has bred?
  7. After the last economic crash when Britain escaped from the EMF debacle, I didn't notice New Labour fronting up to share the blame even though they supported the rediculous experiment>

    The opposition is there to provide an alternative and hold the government of the day to account. The LimpDems are joining this coalition because they are postioning themselves in case of a hung parliament after the next election. There has already been wide speculation of behind the scenes deals to give Cable, Ashdown and Clegg key positions under Gordon Brown(Ch of Exch, Def & Europe -probably).

    Any cross party coalition would be used at the next election by New Labour to say "we were not to blame - we all agreed to the plan." Any opposition leader who agreed to share the blame would be mind numbingly stupid.
  8. Maybe slightly off an a tangent , but how on earth do you equate 3 to 1 & 2? In relation to law and medicine what kind of comparable utility does a career in "meeja" have?
  9. ZNL refusal to go to an election?
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    We knew it had bred. It was family holiday that it went on during the beat up to TELIC. Although by all accounts going on holiday was this fcukers greatist contribution as MoD.
  11. My bold.

    WOW, REALLY!!! That's great news, and news that just isn't doing the Lib Dem rounds. Mind you, I'll bet pulling Paddy out of his front line political retirement wasn't easy.
  12. Why should the Tories get in bed with the losers who caused the crisis..? Did Thatcher spring All party working groups to solve the crisis in the 80's ? Did Callagahan raise All party working groups in the the 70s' when the last Labour Government f**ked it up big time?

    It's spin pure and simple from a lying spiv who's run out of ideas and is eagerly nicking everyone elses....

    Tories suggest an idea. Government rubbishes idea. Governmnet implements idea cos they can't think of anything else. Same bad points still exist wil idea as suggested by Labour Minister but this time it's Government policy so it will work.......Honest..... and nicking £5 Billion in taxes from pension funds woun't f**k pension funds over.......
  13. By all accounts Paddy only turned down Gordon Blair's offer of a cabinet place after consultation with Vince Cable, acting leader at the time. It wasn't that long ago and if Vince Cable replaces Darling it will be quite possible for the Lib Dems to claim the world has changed and the country needs them.

    Clegg and Cable have both done a complete about-face on their views about Broone in the past weeks - an attempt to smooth the waters in many commentators view.

    Sven meanwhile has continued to be an apologist for New Labour at any opportunity.

    Obviously none of above has been in the Guardian - so it can't be true.
  14. The conservatives are currently Her Majesty's opposition, and a major part of the role of the opposition is to hold the ruling executive to account. In WW2 the Opposition were brought in to a coalition government to assist in the running of the country. Under no circumstances should the opposition be supinely supporting the government without fully examining the impact of its policies. It is because of the failure of the opposition that the country is in the state its in now, repressive and economically disastrous policies have been nodded through with very little examination or scrutiny. As an example the 10% tax debacle which was announced by the now PM while he was Chancellor, it wasnt until a year later that the storm about the abolition of this band of taxation became a hot potato, and that was largely thanks to the backbench of the Labour party, not HM Opposition.
    Over the past 12 years the government have been able to get away with literally dismantling the fabric of this country, enacting policies which include:
    Lords Reform act - still in limbo with no solution to the abolished hereditary peerages
    Criminal Justice acts - Just about 1 or 2 per year, no time to bed these laws in before they are amended again
    Education is a total mess
    NHS policy has meant more money being wasted than ever before - money that doesnt get to the front line.
    Iraq - need I say more!

    The conservatives really need to ensure that they consistently hold the Government to account, not back up the government in its damaging economic policies.
  15. It's been a while since Brown came out with something totally fcuking dumb but today he did. Nice to have you back Gordon.

    Brown must really be serious this time because he used the 'not on my watch' Americanism which was delivered with as much passion and conviction as an Eastenders child actor while making me wince with shame of seeing our unelected PM trying to make a reading on the Obama-cool-ometer (there isn't such a thing, I made it up). I think he may nearly have forgotten to say that last bit, just plopped it on there at the end like a damp squib. Personally 'not on my stag' would have sounded better but confused the fcuk out of Joe public. :roll:

    Anyway, how much is this latest white elephant going to cost me personally?