Zippo from BaldricksBullet



I’m pleased to say that I’m the first to purchase an engraved black Zippo from

It’s still in the post but the picture of the finished product looks absolutely outstanding, I can’t wait for it to arrive next week :D

Baldrick provided excellent customer service through helping me choose the best looking text for my new lighter, I really can’t recommend his site enough.

I’m sure he’ll do well with his new line of engraved Zippos :thumright:
And what sort of discount did we get for this shamless bit of 3rd party advertising........


(Does look good, almost worth taking up smoking and dying of lung cancer for :wink: )
Mine arrived on Friday, looks great. I'm really pleased with it and will be recomending Mr Baldrick.



My lighter arrived today, it’s not quite as large as the photo but I love it all the same :D

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