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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sandmanfez, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. ....I'm going back to my roots, yeh!"

    But seriously,

    There seems to be a plethora of new zip-up boots on the market, and what I'm wondering is, are they any good?
    I'm not talking about the horrific eighties abortion that was the "Zip-it", but I've seen various models around at the moment that incorporate a zip into the side of the boot, so that you still retain the flexibility of lacing up the front, but with the convenience of being able to don and doff your boots in seconds.
    Before I waste half a days pay, does anyone have any experience, either good or bad, of them?
  2. I have a set of Magnum tac boots with side zips. I reckon they are great. Easier on and off despite the high rise (10 lace holes). The real benefit I find is that I can leave the zip down, get the lacing to just the right tigthness and then pull up the zip making a good firm platform at the end of my legs. At the age of 73, this is just what I need!
    However, Korea mid-50s. Every Yank had zips added to their boots. We had boots cww. Abortions on dodgy soles. I had mine zipped by a Yank unit. Dreamland. The zip idea was born for me there.
  3. Have also heard good things about the Magnums, but was put off the idea by the Zippits, the eighties, the decade that taste forgot!
  4. Always liked the idea of zips in boots, but then found when mud gets in zips they don't work :(
  5. Never had Zippits on Army walkies but put them in my bog hop Brashers. Once you get them properly adjusted, they worked in a way. I threw them away when the Brashers wore out. The Magnums bear absolutely NO resemblance.
  6. Get yourself to shop that sells wellies with zips. They have a lubricant (oooh) that is formulated to deal with crap from stable yards. In extremis, WD40 does the same but be VERY carefiul as it is a petrol product and eats plastic.
  7. i have a pair of US SWAT boots they are similar to the magnums lightweight like a trainer and cheap but with all the benefits of the famous door busting units got them for general use havent worn them in the field and dont think i would as they are more like trainers but i onced used them on the range and where fine.
  8. Thanks for the feedback so far. I'm only intending them for use in the light/urban/mincing role, so mud in the zips shoudnt be an issue.
    The model I'm looking at is made by 5.11.

  9. Best boots i have are a pair of issue jungle boots with the laces replaced by elastic. Dead easy - replace the laces with round black elastic about the same thickness as laces and leave about 6 inches spare at both ends. Get one of those quick release things like on the drawstring of a day sack and away you go.
    I have done this to my jungle boots and they are well comfy and easy to get on and off in a hurry.
    You could do the same with any pair of boots and that way you keep them waterproof to the top.
    You can get the elastic and quick release thingys at any sewing shop.
  10. Anything by 511, Bates or Oakley should fit the bill, probably only the 511 have zips (and laces).

    Basher, WTF are those for ? Mincing about in Old Compton Street ?
  11. Bates look good, but after seing several pairs worn by my colleagues fall apart after only a few months use in an indoor airport environment I would avoid completely.

    GayBasher, surely :x