Zionist Apostate

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. From the New Yorker:
    If I was an Israeli I'd be outraged by the like of Burg but also a little proud of him. In most societies only a comedian can get away with speaking painful truth so bluntly.
  2. Reading the interview, it is remarkable how similar his description of Israel is with the current state of affairs in the USA. Both countries have elements similar to what lead to the rise of the Nazis.
  3. I'd not seriously compare either with 30s Germany.

    The Israeli's have a vibrantly frank open society that remains capable of such searing self criticism.

    You look at the instant inquest into last year's debacle in Lebanon and compare it with the mounds of whitewashed over bullshit that has passed for public debate on Iraq in the US recently and weep. It was not always so.

    Not much better in blighty despite religious loonies being thin on the ground.
  4. You really don't live on the same planet as us earthlings do you.
  5. Sadly the country is becoming very polarized, when I was there 1992...the secular were fairly contemptuous of the Hasidic Jews and visa-versa, however, they seemed to co-exist politically as each accepted the rights the other....what has changed is the arrival of the immigrants from the US....I have very little time for them, they young, ultra-conservative, and extremely antagonistic.

    They have brought there US constitution and political values and transplanted them in the W.Bank they despise the government, hate the Arabs and do not trust the Army...........worse these people community has not yet shaped Israel in a major war, (1948, 1952, 1967, 1972, 1982, S Lebanon, Intafarda 1 or 2), the doggedly refuse to continence talks for peace, they opposed the withdrawal from Lebanon and Gaza that had scared the Israeli psyches for 25 years......They are Jews but they are not Israeli in my view.

    Israels greatest strength and weakness is the central government. When the chips are down it pulls together to become a unified block and yet paradoxically it greatest weakness is that it lack strength in when there is no war to be fought....it can win most wars but has consistently loses the peace.

    The newcomers increase the risks of a major set back or worse the polarization of politics into liberal/conservative (economics) Israeli’s against the Jews/New Zionists. Whereby no progress can be made, whether, a Nazi party can arise inside Israel is debatable the rise of Hamas and Hizb-allah suggests that other countries governments can not survive long term with a gridlocked Knesset.
  6. An IDF Colonel told me a few years ago that if it wasn't for the distraction that the Pals provide secular old school Zionists like him would be at war with the Orthodox.

    Incidentally North American immigration to Israel to hit 33-year high in 2007.
    You wonder about that. Like Muslims Orthodox Jews do tend to lean rightwards.

    At the extreme the acolytes of Meir Kahane demonstrate an antipathy to the Israeli state that is comparable with anything the Arab world can throw at it. Rated by Shin Bet as a severe threat to Israeli security and even outlawed by DC, there's a documentary about these AQ like nutters here.

    Berg appalled most Israelis by suggesting that their kids would be unwise to rely on just an Israeli passport. Most Zionist burnt their boats long ago. The zealous blow-ins from the US are for all their fervor psychologically prepared to bolt if their maximalist positions finally bring Israel crashing down.