Zinc oxide tape

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by eSeL, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. Bit of an urgent request - can you buy the industrial strength Zinc Oxide tape that you can get from the MO through normal shops?

    I've never been able to find a good alternative - compeed & duoderm only help after a run - and with a marathon looming and having utterly shite feet, I'm starting to get fed up having permanent blisters.
  2. try googling 'SP services' as they sell it (and do a good delivery service), so do various outdoors type shops.
  3. Cant think of any national stores that do the decent stuff. Boots support tape is not great but ok as a substitute for nothing at all.

    I get all my decent Zinc Oxide tape from an independant Sports Equipment shop in Wiltshire. Not sure if they do mail order but can pm u the phone number/contact details if you're desperate.

  4. There are many different types of medical tape available. I've also treated those who have used other tapes, for example sniper tape, black and nasty and electrical tape. Of the improvised tapes the sniper tape was the most effective.
    Micropore (and similar) tape should be avoided as it's too thin (takes many, many layers to do any good) and isn't sticky enough.

    in the past 20 years I've not found anything better than zinc oxide. (beware of any allergies to the tape or adhesive). some versions of ZO don't stick too well.
  5. Larger branches of Boots do their version of ZO tape. But it's not the heavy duty, super sticky stuff you are after.

    It can be got via the internet from medical suppliers and is nice and cheap.
  6. Cheers for the replies lads - tried the Boots variant - it's pump. Will check the online stores.

    Thanks again

    *edit to add* - found the name of the manufacturer: STRAPPAL. You can buy the large & small variants on Amazon...
  7. i've used climbing tape from Gooutdoors.com , worked well unlike the cheapo stuff i've tried in the past, about £3 a roll though
  8. If you go into your local chemist he will be able to get hold of it for you even if he doesn't have any in stock. Chemists have two deliveries a day from the wholesale chemists so they should be able to get hold of it pretty quickly for you.
    Have a good look at both your trainers and your feet. Perhaps the large number of blisters is due to poorly fitting trainers allowing excessive rubbing. There's also the old trick of wearing your socks inside out with a thin pair of socks over the top of that, it can often help. You can also soak your feet in potassium permanganate solution to harden the skin (put Vaseline between your toes though because they will crack otherwise), you may and up with brown feet but you should get less blisters.
  9. It's partially trainers, but it's mainly sh*te feet. I run 30+ miles a week usually & I get minor toe rub on my left foot, but as I've upped the miles for marathon training, my feet have suffered more than usual.

    Amazon sorted me out with the tape - got it next day and feet are grand
  10. That latest batch of boots own stuff is utterly shite. Used it at the weekend and it was off within 5 miles. Steer well clear!