Zinc Oxide Tape from Q?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bibo_boy, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. I like many people use tape to cover problem areas on feet before tabbing.....

    I was recently informed that Zinc Oxide Tape could actually be obtained via the system?

    I would normally just crack on and purchase it but i do use quite a bit and I personally buy the "wide good stuff" not the poo you get from Boots and as a result spend a small fortune on this?

    Is this true? Does an NSN exist for it?

    Cheers BB
  2. Item, like many other "medical" items, available through your medical centre.
  3. Does this apply to TA?
  4. Not entirely, true. If you are fortunate enough to have an RAP then they may well keep some in stock. Medical Centres are for the most part now run by APHCS NOT your local RAP and consequently as with the majority of civvy organisations, they are tight with their budget.
  5. Your QM's dept should have the medical catalogue stashed somewhere, part no is in there somewhere. If your unit has RAMC on its strength, as most TA do I think, or an ambulance, then getting it only becomes a problem when the stores are for storing mentality comes in to play.
  6. I am attached to a TA med reg and we've got tonnes of the stuff and am not taking the piss when I say tonnes. I would have a word with your QM or RQMS etc am sure you will be able to get it through the system.
  7. These items are available on the normal system and the NSN is available. I have demanded these items. Entitlement does not come with RAP establishment. A basic first aid kit such as a godfrey bag contains medical items which are now available through the normal stores system and your QM rep will be able to fisch the NSN.
  8. I dont think you know much about APHCS - there are more civvies in the QMs and RHQ than in the med centre.
  9. yea ask your medic or RMO I got a huge roll of it before doing ta cic it's still not coming off my back a week later if you cant get any that way try metolious tape
  10. Actually as I happen to work in one :roll: still I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and add the caveat 'Dependant on the Region' :wink:
  11. Is that like the dhobi dust the QM's are supposed to supply as well?
  12. A simple search of your Qm's dept SCOC disk will reviel no more than 12 different types of Zinc Oxide tape.

    First one from that list NSN 6510 99 004 4462 3.8mm x13.7mm (6 Pack)

    As for the dhobi dust I think that you have been mis lead somewhere along the way your Qm's dept is not supposed to supply it for personal use.

    However it may be order for use in a industrial washing machines (if your unit has them, I'm guessing not as most stuff is sent away to be laundered these days)

    NSN 7930 99 225 1626 (12 KG pack) Detergent, laundry; nonmedicated powder;washing.

    You are however intitled to have one bundle of clothes sent away to be laundered once a week. And of course you should be able to get your dry cleaning of any uniform that you have done without cost to yourself too.

    If your really such a tight arse you can use it but I perfer my Persil and lenour any day!
  13. i paid a fiver for 25m of zinc oxide tape off an internet first aid kit store, its superb, i spent 2 weeks in brecon with new boots!! it saved my feet from being totally anhiliiated!

    i know it may be cheaper to get it through the QM, but £10 gets you 5 metres through the door the next day. furthermore if you all get together and buy a load of it, delivery is free, and it'll only cost you a fiver each!!
  14. actually you just turn up in one daily, don't go spreading rumours that you do any work in yours.

    However, back on thread.
    Budgets are supposed to be tightly controlled these days, items like sun screen, foot powder, lip salve etc are supposed to be obtained through the QM's system. I've not seen zinc oxide through the Q side of life, however my med centre is awash with the stuff as some fool didn't check what quantity was being ordered.
  15. I have tried to get zinc oxide from our Med centre and you would think i had asked if i could shag his bird! i got told that it was not available, i tried the line about prevention is better than cure but still got fcucked off.

    This is in an airborne brigade and it was for some of my blokes to go on pre para with, didnt think it was to much to ask but obviously it was.