zinc oxide tape and ceramic iron cleaning!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lfc2001, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi, just been on a mooch around today to get my kit for basic. I bought my iron but it's got a ceramic soleplate and someone told me you need special stuff to clean them. And my other question is, is Zinc Oxide tape worth getting? And whats it for? Please help
  2. Iron-no idea read the manual
    Zinc oxide tape- To prevent blisters. eg if you are prone to getting or know you will get a blister on a part of your body, you'd simply place a bit of tape over it.
  3. Just make sure that it is applied smooth and not creased or it will hurt after a while, just like having a small stone in your boot 8O
  4. It takes a bit of time for your soft civvy trainer wearing feet to toughen up. At the same time you are using these soft feet to break in your boots which is not a good combination, especially if your feet get wet - and they will.

    You will soon find out where your feet rub from your blisters and use the zinc oxide tape to cover these areas and prevent further blisters. To stop the tape sticking to your socks or sticking your toes together smear the tape with vaseline (or petroleum jelly - same thing but cheaper). Don't leave the tape on permanently because it soaks up water/ sweat and you need to let your skin dry out.
  5. rub a bar of soap over the irons plate while it's still warm but switched off then to clean it off with a cloth.
    or buy one of these:
    Probably do them in poundland or at best FLUK fabric land uk( not that I have ever been in there of course.) :roll:
    As for hard boots. aaaah
    Bash the backs with a hammer to soften the leather and get a lanolin based leather polish. Dubbin is as good but it is harder to get a shine. That will soften your leather.
  6. Fill your boots full of newspaper then pee in them, leave overnight then remove the newspaper, give them an application of boot polish and wear them as normal. Every time you remove your boots give them an application of boot polish.
    Wear your socks inside out with another pair right side in over the top. The two pairs of socks will rub together rather than blistering your skin. Bathing your feet in formaldehyde solution or potassium permanganate solution will harden the skin but remember to apply petroleum jelly between the toes to prevent them cracking as you don't want them hard.
    When you have been running and sweating in your boots always remove your boots and socks, wash and thoroughly dry your feet and powder them before putting on a clean pair of socks. Wash your socks every night and put them out to dry, you can never have too many pairs of clean dry socks!
  7. Best advice: get a new Iron. Ceramic plates are an utter pain in the arse and the cleaner is not cheap and stinks like boiled piss when used. Once the ceramic needs cleaning, it needs cleaning more and more, as its not doing its job anymore.

    Get the most steam powerful model you can with a mirror polished stainless steel hotplate. You can clean these with the stainless steel scourer that usually comes free with the iron and also lasts for ages!

    Look in Curry's and they list the amount of steam per minute/shot in grammes. Get the highest. Get the one with the most steam holes in the sole plate. I got a great Bosch brand one that had an LED spotlight in the front, which was great for seeing in detail what you are ironing. £30-40 gets you a good one. £40-60 gets you a great one.

    Its money well spent. A good powerful iron works faster and easier, giving you time to polish stuff or just a bit of extra sleep!

    (Avoid cordless irons. Good ones are very expensive and most lack steam power for difficult pressing. They also tend to be quite bulky too.)

    This one is a good choice
  8. does the zinc oxide tape not rip the skin off your feet? and i think i'll just keep my iron and get a new one as soon as and when it gets stuff sticking to it. thanks for the help
  9. Zinc Oxide tape does not rip the skin off your feet but if used incorrectly will make the situation worse.

    The thing to realise is that different things work for different people. For some people using the 2 pairs of socks method creates more problems.

    Unfortunatley it is just a case of trial and error and finding what works for you.
  10. Not only for some people, also for the same person at different times:)

    CFT mid summer with 2 pairs of socks - no problems
    CFT mid winter with 2 pairs of socks - boots full of blood.

    Same route - same boots - same socks(or at least same type) never did work out why that happened.
  11. Could it have been the nails someone had dropped?