Zinc Oxide tade

I'm one of those unfortunate people whos feet disintegrate at merest hint of moisture. This means whenever I go out on exercise I duly tape up to prevent blisters etc... This seems to work well and all problems are prevented. I even have a good supplier of tape, however it costs me a fair whack of cash to support my tape habit. Is there anyway i can get ZO tape for free/cheap/on prescription as it is a necessity for me in the field. I'm TA so i can't go through regular medical personnel. Many thanks

on prescription? you're having a laugh!
Its quite hard to get hold of these days, we no longer use it in the operating theatres, wards have none either, a couple of years ago I could have loaded your car up, you should have asked back then :wink:
OC have you tried hardening your feet with surgical spirit and/or potassium permanganate combo??
I found that Elastoplast strapping support tape worked as well as the ZO tape doled out at the MRS at Sandhurst, and it's available in most large chemists. Another variation available on civvy street is Leukotape. Both tapes available in various widths etc. Worth their weight in gold.
yeah, it works great on the balls of my feet and toes but seems to have no permanent effect on my heels, and once gave me a deep blister which my unit medic Cpl Hack 'n Slash T once decided to 'dig out' for me. Never again will he be allowed near my feet.... ZO is the most practical solution I have come with but as I said I need to get hold of it cheaper the SP services sells it or I will bankrupt myself when I hit RMAS in Jan and have to wear issue boots whether I like it or not.
Try some Scholl Odour Control antipersperant gel for feet. It stops the sweat problem, so your feet don't get soft while you tab.

It costs about £4 for a tube.
Well without sounding exceptionally 'old school' I've used duct tape before and it worked a treat! It doesn't cost much at all, and I found the silver colour very complimentary to my nail polish! :lol: Seriously though for a moment, duct tape does work quite well, either over the top of blisters (add a layer of tissue or gauze), or other skin with the potential to blister!

Have a look here: www.racingtheplanet.com/medicaltent/duct_tape.asp
You can't hammer the zinc oxide all your career.

Sickbays/med centers will dish a bity out but don't expect a regular hand out......unless you have got something very nice to barter with

You've probably experienced the oops just pulled a bit of live flesh off, normally occurs if you've been in the boots a while, its not a real solution

Have you tried better fitting boots,

the surgical spirit and pot' perm' is a cunning plan but you'll have to live with brown feet for a while (works well though)

thin socks and thick socks together

different material socks

Do your feet sweat too much? you can get ninja strength anti perspirate for the feet.

Try "wearing" in boots wet, soak em a bit, get the gortex socks out and strut round

Why not buy an "issue" set of boots and wear em in before your future activities

Are you of the youth of today generation who has worn trainers and stared at the complicator screen his entire life?

Feet can be a nightmare, just wait till you are on ex or ops and an old skool medic gets his paws on you and he injects brown evil caustic liquid into your poor pink feet

Feet issues are generally caused by p=ss poor personal admin so remember to have a word with yourself
Having served at sandhurst as a medic I will agree with most comments already posted..Certainly the Surgical spirit and potassium permangate foot bath will work a treat as will the advice of good socks (1000 mile socks are not too bad) but here is a far better piece of advice......

Go to a chiropodist and have your feet examined. It may cost a few bob but if your sandhurst bound then your probably minted anyway !!

Glean as much info and advice from this QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL.

When you hit the Army you will be bombarded with advice from medics and infanteers...some will be good advice and some will be downright bollox. You have one pair of feet and a bloody long hard course to get through, your feet will get hammered and a lot of good officer cadets have gone to the wall for such a simple fault of not caring for their feet.

BE ADVISED..... FOOT BLISTERS CAN KILL ..If left unchecked you could could develop cellulitis...and end your career before it has started

I wish you well in your sandhurst adventures !!!
All advice gratefully taken on board.
Medman will go to chiropodist thank you tis a very good idea thanks.
My foot admin is not the best in the world, but I only own 1 pair of trainers, my running shoes. Everything else is either walking boots or proper shoes and my feet are well used to them. Have tried most of the above, but I suffer from the case of one wet assault course and my feet are left in rag order. Does anyone know how to look after feet which are in boots which are soaking wet? Dry towel and dry socks sort the skin out plus a little powder, but putting them back into saturated boots always seems to negate any effort I put in. Bar pre Z.O.ing my feet (which i do anyway) how do I sort out my feet when my boots are saturated and soak my warm dry fresh socks?
As previously asked does anyone know of any cheap places to get good zinc oxide tape (not boots)?

Wet boots are wet boots... All you can do it make your feet more suitable to being piss wet and chaffing by going down the Surgical-spirit-foot-bath route...

Zine oxide tape isn't expensive though, £1.50 for a roll from Boots Chemist.
Everyone has their own way of handling foot issues, thisis mine:

1. Pick your boot. Depends on what's allowed, and what's comfortable for you. If your feet sweat a lot and/or you're in a very wet environment, don't go for Goretex 'cos it doesn't work.

2. Get a decent insole, personally I like Sorbothane

3. Pick your sock. There are lots of socks out there with different thicknesses, materials etc. Experiment. Some people like two pairs, some one. The sock should hold the foot firmly in the boot when it is laced up, leaving enough room to wriggle your toes. If it's too tight, try a thinner pair of socks, too loose, try a thicker pair. Remember that your feet will swell with work.

4. Prep your feet. Wash, dry, powder etc. Tape up those bits which need taping up, not just your whole foot. Off you go.

5. If your socks get wet, change them. If you get a hot spot, sort it out before you get a blister. If your socks get wet again, change them again. You should be drying your wet socks as you go, best place is in your armpits - unpleasant, but it works.

6. When you are static, put a pair of these on. Absolute dogs boIIocks. Only problem is if they get wet, they take an age to dry out.

Re ZnO Tape, I suggest that you get as wide a piece of tape as you can. Med stores can probably help. Prevention is better than cure and all that. They also say you should also change your tape every 24 hrs or so as part of your general foot admin.

Lots of un-asked for advice, but hopefully helpful to someone.

get wet boots off at earliest opportunity. if coming back to camp, newspaper is yet to be bettered for drying out the moisture. if in field, use an old tshirt/small towel/whatever you have.

get proper ZO tape. not the brown stuff. you can get it on ebay and web...Google search it. buy the wide rolls. its not expensive.

if you patiently and politely explain to the med centre you require ZO tape they will give it to you. Tell them prevention is better than cure.

"do you want me to come back the day after tomorrow so that you can treat my blisters or give me the tape today before my CFT tomorrow...?".They arent stupid.Ask (nicely) and ye shall receive!
it is usually best to go straight to the dispensary hatch, or, if theres a youngish nursey that likes a bit of chat and has a twinkle in her eye...;)

Any probs see the practice manager. If hes a twit/fobs you off/is rude, see a doctor.He wont be pleased at having an appointment wasted on a minor issue like this...but will undoubtedly direct the practice manager to provide ZO tape in future!

btw, can anyone give directions with potassium permanganate/surgical spirit?

how much of each? soak feet or paint on? etc.


ive used surg spirit before without success. so it must be the potassium permanganate.
The krauts in WW11 swore the way to prevent blisters was by pissing in their boots. Never had to resort to such drastic measures myself (apparently it stinks for a couple of weeks) but if it gets you through the day, go for it, (As an ex grunt, anything that involves tape will, at some stage, cause you grief as the fcuker will come off and give you blisters)
Pissing in Boots - DON'T DO IT! Get a bloody £80 fine now if the rozzers catch you - bloody Nazis! :(


ps; Cheers to all the coppers for the cuppas and the lifts home over the years :)
orificecadet said:
Does anyone know how to look after feet which are in boots which are soaking wet? Dry towel and dry socks sort the skin out plus a little powder, but putting them back into saturated boots always seems to negate any effort I put in.
The new(ish) issue boot liners (Goretex I think) are pretty damn good if you can get those. Need a fair bit of room in your boots to fit them in but well worth it if you can. My feet are at best poor, but survived 2 weeks in Brecon in pissing rain playing at soldiers with no probs. :lol:

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