For Inspection Zimmerit or not?


It really is crazy isn't it. How the lunatics ever thought they would win a multi front conflict. What a bunch of morons.


On 11 November, a test was conducted using armor-piercing, shaped charge, high explosive, and incendiary ammunition against a Zimmerit-covered T-34 that had been left to dry for five days, and heated to an internal temperature of 35. None of the ammunition was able to set the Zimmerit on fire, including the burning phosphorous of the incendiary ammunition that came into direct contact with the Zimmerit.

Please note, that was not SOP when applying Zimmerit, they also forgot to mention that one of the ingredients was benzene, hence the need for the vapours to disperse during the drying process.

As noted by the Tank Museum, using a blowtorch to speed up the drying process could and did lead to some "fairly spectacular fires"


Hence the belief that it was a fire risk

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