Zimbabwes secret famine

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. From The Indie:

    The full story is here.

    I know the subject of Zimbabwe is something that we routinely navel-gaze over here on ARRSE, and whilst I share a certain cynicism about the efforts/activites of so-called 'charities' in Africa, this article just about made me fit to burst.

    How long is our government going to let this sort of crap carry on? I'm not talking about giving more aid that will be embezzled/squandered/frittered away/traded for honours - I'm talking about stopping this fcuking maniac once and for all - using extreme terminal predjudice.

    I know this is a futile aspiration, but by fcuk it makes me angry.

  2. i agree with you , Mad Bob has taken his country down, he has starved his people, kicked out the whites who helped to keep the country economocally rich and a bread basket for Africa, now these fields are barren and gone to bush, the so called "war Veterans" are nothing but a rent a mob, they don't know the first thing about farming, MB has left his country a terrible legacy, he is doing all this just so he can stay in power, but when he dies all that power is no use to a corpse and the people will suffer for it.

    other countries won't invade because they fear a long guerrilla warfare, Somalia needed our help but when we tried to provide it, we got our hands bitten, some people think it will be the same in Zimbabwe.
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    'Our' government will do four-fifths of fcukall about it.
    They're some of the nutters who were instrumental in getting Zim to the stage it is now at, and to do anything to remove Oom Bob from power would be tantamount to admitting they'd made an error !

    Besides, St. Tony has gleaned some ideas from Bob on how to ruin a country.
    (No, that's not a typo.)
  4. One important point is that many of Zim's neighbours dont seem to have a problem with this, maybe a weak Zim is in their favour? In this way there is no support for ANY action against Mugabe, in fact I think many of his neighbours admire his longevity.

    You wont hear things too loud from the western press, a press that is predominantley left leaning and PC. 1. Mugabe is black and blames everything on the white man.... our fault of course :roll: 2. An awful lot of people supported noble Roberts struggle against white rule and are keeping very quiet now.

    This is not a question of white/black it is a question of cowardice, cowardice from the "meedja", from our glorious helmsman and his party of destiny, Zim's neighbours and ohh lets not forget Saint Bob. Prevention is better than cure ehh Bob? so where is the outcry BEFORE it appears on our screens, which may not happen until it is too late.

    scumbags the lot of them but............ we are now giving the Africans their independance

    none of our business?
  5. Did one Peter Hain MP not have a lot to do with the fight for black rule in Zimbabwe? :roll:
  6. An awful lot as it happens, where is he now? the silence is deafening. cnut
  7. The pros and cons of Peter Hain:


    South African, but not actually a Nazi.
    Impressive fake tan.


    New Labour, but not actually a Nazi.
  8. From the latest Private Eye

    Number Crunching


    number of Iraqis forcibly removed from southern marshlands which Tony Bliar citedd as one of his reasons for invasion of Iraq


    number of Zimbabweans forcibly removed from urban areas in last month

    now....Zimbabwe......does that have any oil?
  9. Known quite a few Honkey Zimbabeans over the years. All where very racist, good blacks where held in same regard as pets.
    They contributed to the downfall of the Breadbasket, for they knew what would happen when the Blicks took power.
    People like P Hain are just a typical Labour disgrace, they helped to bring down a working governmet, not a perfect totally democratic government, and must have know what sort of Marksist heap of corruption would follow.
    Ya know its a good thing we kick the Clog out of New Amsterdam, could you have immagined that place as the Bore capital of the World.
  10. The UN observer from Tanzania appeared on the news last night, to grin at the cameras and say that she intended to 'work together' with Mugabe's government.

    Tanzania, where Mugabe spent much of his time training, where Benny Mkapa is in the process of doing a scaled-down version of Mugabe's rape of the country, where not a word of criticism against Mugabe can be heard.

    She'll be really, really effective.