Zimbabweans in Condom Bangles shocker!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Acid_Tin, Feb 10, 2005.

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    So, apart from the obvious 'ignorant bloody savages' comments this article raises, I like the fact that 'Alfred' makes a £1.94 profit per sale - capitalism is alive and well in Mugabe's socialist paradise! :D
  2. They uised to do the same thing with the rubber seals inside bottle caps in the Caribbean. They made a profit too , selling them as "waterproof goodluck bracelets" to the passengers from the cruise ships in Montego Bay :D
  3. Staying on the condom theme....

    "LOS ANGELES - A woman was enjoying a bowl of clam chowder in
    a fancy restaurant when she discovered something that didn't
    belong in the soup - a condom. Laila Sultan and her three
    friends were having a meal when Sultan found the offending
    object. "I thought it was calamari or shrimp or something so
    I chewed one more," she said. "It felt rubbery. I told my
    friends, 'My God, there's something in my mouth.'" She spit
    the rubber into a napkin and at first thought it was a latex
    glove. When her friend realized what it was, Sultan rushed
    to the bathroom and threw up everything she ate. The four
    women are now suing the restaurant for negligence and in-
    tentional infliction of emotional distress. Patrick Stark,
    the attorney for McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurant,
    said that the staff had no clue how the condom got into the

    I wonder if the chowder was surprisingly creamy too. :D
  5. This is very, very stupid. In fact, given the rate of HIV infection there, it probably qualifies for a collective Darwin award.