Zimbabwean reunited with his family

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pp0470, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Family reunited in Manchester after seven years

    I love my country!

    Stories like this bring a tear to my eye...
  2. On a refugee point, shouldn't refugees go back when their country is stable?
  3. Is Zimbabwe stable yet?
  4. Safer than Manchester
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  5. Zimbabwe isn't, but Bosnia is, yet we still have loads of Bosnian "refugees" in the UK.
  6. Sixty

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    Bit harsh. One's a third world hell-hole with appalling levels of poverty and violence and the other's.....

    Ach, finish it yourselves.
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  7. Yep but as pointed out Zimbabwe is still unsafe, oh but whilst you are on can I borrow your coolie stick?
  8. I did 8 and a bit years in immigration from '93 to '02. Once a person has been granted refugee status (was 4 years but now indefinite leave) they don't have to go back unless they choose to. If a person chooses to return then they surrender their refugee status and Travel Document and get documented by their own authorities. Bearing in mind there is a difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee. A refugee is someone who as been recognised as such under the terms of the 1951 UN Convention relating to the status of refugees. Sadly when that document was signed the world was a different place/
  9. Stories like this bring a tear to my eye...[/QUOTE]

    Mine too it means I'll be paying more effing tax to keep the poor refugee and his "cough" family. And Zimbabwe is stable, the last time I looked on a map it hadn't moved at all.
  10. That is bad news, so we will now have loads of refugees from the upset arab lands filling the country and never going back to their happy lands. Maybe since Cameron is dedicated to protecting civilians of Libya and creating a nice place for them to live (an islamic land) he can go about trying to change that document so we are protected from hordes of refugees entering and staying in the country.
  11. Agree totally.
  12. Nice one a one bed council flat and red cross will support him I wounder if he is getting benafits as well?
    So how long before all the Arabs start asking for refugee status?
  13. Perhaps we should beware of Greeks bearing suitcases now since they don't seem to want to pay for their services.
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