Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smooth, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. RiP, Bob you hero of the revolution

    11 vote(s)
  2. Good riddance

    58 vote(s)
  3. Stand by for chaos

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  4. Get your US$ out of the country

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  5. It will be alright once the dust has settled and some African common sense is applied

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  1. Is it finally time for the UN to step up and indict Mugabe now? Should he go to the Hague? Should the AU actually do anything? Or should he get a good shoeing?
  2. Why waste every ones time and effort?


    That should cure the problem once and for all!
  3. I don't really care what happens in Zimbabwe (which will always be S. Rhodesia to me). THe people wanted independence and got it over a quarter of a century ago when it was a going concern. Mugabe was voted in,albeit because he was from the largest tribe, but he was voted in during observed elections.

    An African problem can have an African solution, without recourse to more British taxpayer's money.
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  4. It's pretty tragic what's happening out there, and nobody wants to see kids dying of cholera like that, but I can't see many people queueing up to offer aid after this last little gem:

    Desmond Tutu's comments about sending Mugabe to the Hague and being 'removed by force' are what Thabo Mbeki and the rest of the African leaders should have said months ago when they were showing their solidarity with Mugabe. They wanted independence- they got it. It's a problem that should be sorted out by the AU, however likely to happen or otherwise that is. At least Kenya's President has spoken out and said African leaders should 'oust Mugabe' but I can't help but think this is just going to end up with a lot of hand wringing and posturing, but nothing actually happening out there unless there's a military coup or that old cnut finally does the decent thing and snuffs it.

    Go Mugabe or face arrest- Tutu
  5. Uncle Bob will hang on there as long as he is alive, so will his Zanu-Pf thugs. Some reports say the Mugawe is psychotic and is suffering from terminal syphilus..... He is just an old fashioned thuggish Dictator desparately hanging on to power, and hoping none of his Presidential Guards slot him...

    Maybe they will eat him once he has shuffled off....

    For someone in SA to finally suggest that military action should be taken against Zimbawe, its ironic that its comes from a retired Senior Churchman such as Archbishop Tutu, because the SA governmental hierachy won't say 'Boo' to Mugabe as they are all chums and 'Fellow Travellers' of the old ANC..... 8)
  6. No oil, no need.
  7. The best thing the UK can do is to get the remaining UK passport holders out of there, some of them are OAP's and WW2 veterans and are now living in extreme poverty, they really don't deserve that.
    To read more on what's happening to our kith and kin read "when a crocodile eats the sun" by Peter Godwin.
  9. Could be a job for Simon Mann.
  10. Is there any oil/gass for the septics and broon the lap dog??? If not let the Africans sort it out charity begins at home the bloody UK has enough problems of its own to sort out. I feel for the poor sods that are starving etc but they brought it on them selves. I still can not get my head around why we give aid to bloody India when they have a space programme and we dnt??.
  11. Why can't someone just slot Mr M..? Mmust be the easiest option..
  12. Thing is, if he gets slotted, a power vacuum would be created, cue a rwanda-esque conflict and lots of "oh dear, i am greatly concerned" in the style of Kofi Annan from all the "esteemed" leaders of the world. Now that the cholera sh*t is hitting the fan and spilling over the borders, SA, Botswana, Zambia and Mocambique are going to have to pick up their knickers, grow some balls and remove the fecker. We gave them all the money they needed to redistribute the land, along with sh*tloads of aid and its obviously been salted away to finance people like Grace Mugabe's shopping trips.

    The people of Zim are, frankly, cowards. No-one deserves the squalor and degradation they have been subject to, but they have it in their power to do it themselves. They fought the bushwar(sponsored by the Russians, North koreans and the Chinese of course), so why they cant they do it again? They have the numbers, they voted in the MDC and this power sharing deal has stalemated(big surprise). They need to seriously make a plan.

    Personally, I'd love to knock on Bob's front door with a Chally 2 and give him the good news. Just to see his face. Turn into pink mist. Tw@t.
  13. Actually, they didn't fight the bush war - the overwhelming majority sided with the government against Zipra/Zanu. Probably why despotic Bob hates his people so much...

    I think that, if about 3x C-130 and a lorry-load of FALs were delivered to an airstrip in the region, there'd be plenty of old hands ready to go and sort the problem out....
  14. I doubt it is because he is psychotic that he wants to cling to power. It is in fact the opposite. He must cling to power because if he doesn't he is fecked. He has made too many enemies to allow a clean break from the reins of power. He is acting very rationally here.
  15. Give him and his mates amnesty to live in another country. MDC takes power. Sorted.