Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Selastra, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. In view of peoples feelings towards the current deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I wouldnt be surprised that we find a quick deployment to Zimbabwe.

    Over the last few weeks I have seen an increase in stories coming out of this country which whilst topical and relevant, almost have a machiavellian feel about it, encouraging us the population that this would be a "just" action, should it be necessary.

    Of course I could be cynical, but never underestimate the deviousness of a desperate government trying to shift the nation's worries.

    If Robert Mugabe is a regular on AARSE.COM then he shouldnt get too concerned, it is a Labour government under Brown after all, so it is unlikely to do anything that might cause offence.
  2. Aha!

    Secret Weapon....

  3. Zimbabwe, why don't we all just forget it wasn't there at all.After all they wanted independence from the white rulers so they got it and look at the mess it is in with Magubby.He will fall just like the rest of the despots in Africa and I hope sooner rather than later for the peoples sake.
  4. I would say that that was scarily accurate except for one small detail.
    You honestly believe that there is egg in an egg banjo?

    We wont go near Zimbabwe because:
    a: There's nothing in it for us
    and more importantly
    b: As soon as we touch down all of the African countries that aare saying we should do something about Mugabe will then turn around and slam us for forcing our Imperialistic ways on them.
  5. Could be a bit tricky for our zimbabwe-born commonwealth lads if we did go there.

    Its been a topic of discussion for a few years now. I'm gonna wait and see - if the americans develop a grudge against them then we'll probably go running after them, but if not, I cant see the scottish primeminister of england daring to be so bold and deploy anything other than an aid payment to zimbabwe.
  6. 4,000% inflation - what an economic miracle from Mugabe, it was 7000% only days ago.

    6 months jail for raising prices of goods - what genius.

    Bread supplies are now down to just 2 days. When you don't have any, the price can't go up.
  7. Very true mac!
    But I bet this repulsive parasite is not affected by any inflation in her 'home'country or goes short of basic needs.Snout firmly in the Mugabe trough alongside her Daddy's plus her fanny stuck firmly somewhere else so who is going to touch her?
  8. Colonial Guilt? I have none. Just send Them in to slot the evil old git Mugabe and apply enough pressure to his replacements to get the white farmers back and get the place on its feet again. Run it as a colony until it proves its grown up enough to behave in a civilised way. It will be a useful practice for the time when South Africa goes belly up and we have to step in there. The sweet smell of Empire eh?
  9. It would be an interesting tour down to Africa's little tea pot. With options for OSD in Jo'burg.

    I know a few serving Ridge backs who'd like nothing more than to go home in a Warrior!
  10. Surprisingly enough, the BBC have been documenting the demise of Zimbabwe in increasingly graphic detail for quite a while now.

    The last article I read quoted several economists and the world bank who reckon that Zimbabwe will face total collapse by Christmas. Total collapse means no electricity at all, no petrol, widespread starvation, homeless people burning wads of worthless banknotes to keep warm and, most importantly, no foreign currency to keep the police and army sweet.

    Comrade Mugabe might be swapping his new palace in Harare for a jail cell before the paint's dry in the servants' quarters.
  11. I don't think so A-M, someone will offer him sanctuary vis-a-vis "The last king of scotland" When you have billions salted away there is aways someone willing to do favours for cash [apart from liabour politicians] :wink:
  12. no matter how bad it gets in zimbabwe we wont be going.

    1 who would we send ffs

    2 as a nation zimbabwe is of little importance to us financially.

    compare and contrast this to seirra leone where there are a shedloads of diamonds, and we were in there straight away.
  13. I know I'm not in the UK news loop... but who's that girl with the pearl necklace??? coz I'd give her a pearl necklace if she'd sniff my truffles.
  14. She's going out with some Prince or other. I'm not in the loop much either. She comes from Zim apparently. Daddy is a zillionaire.
  15. Robert Mugabe to Gen Peter Walls (Head of Rhodesian then Zimbabwe Army) after Bob's election and surviving a few attempted assainations: 'Why are your men trying to kill me?

    Gen Walls: 'If they were my men you would be dead, Sir'

    All went horribly wrong after that. And I can't see any Brit Gov having the bottle to put things right. South Africa is the main player in that area and they are not ready to march in. They want Mugabe out but quietly and in his own time. Then change can happen.