I seriously doubt it. Any non-African country that speaks against Mugabe is automatically branded as racist/imperialist etc., etc. Just look at the reception that Mugabe received at Thabo Mbeki's inauguration in RSA lately. No, I'm afarid that Mugabe will continue to run what's left of Zim into the ground along with as many of her citizens (black or white...Mugabe doesn't care) as he sees fit. He has too much open and tacit support from the leaders of the surrounding states. The PC issue of race and years of post-Imperial guilt mean that the Western line on Zim is 'hands off'. It's awful really; I've met a few people from there over the years, and a nicer lot you couldn't hope to meet. I'll go back into the mists of history and say that the time to stop Mugabe was 1980 - certainly after the 2002 presidential election, which was a complete farce. I wouldn't hold out any hope of 'change' coming about with the dear comrade's death as the country will simply get another ZANU-PF dictator.
Let us not forget the welcome given to Mugabe by the Frogs, despite his being banned from the EU. Since the Dear Leader is suspiciously close to France, it is unlikely he will do anything to upset them.

Besides, Dubya hasn't told him to do anything about Zimbabwe.


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Emperor Bliar and His Godless Communist Horde were among the trendy left wing students who saw fit to support terrorism, rape and savage bloody murder when the Bush War was on.

He put the Shona dog in charge, so why would he want to get rid of his hero ?

That just about hits the nub of the problem on the head Cutaway. An awful lot of 'right on' people in the West viewed Mugabe, N'Komo et al as valiant freedom fighters. Could you imagine the hoo-haa if any sanction (let alone military action) against the Mugabe regime were proposed at the UN? (and it would run into the sand with the Commonwealth). The killing thing is that it would be easy to topple Mugabe and his ZANU-PF groupies, as the Zim army isn't worth spit as a fighting force (intimidation, looting and pillaging is another matter), the police ditto and the people loath the dear comrade. Drop 16th Air Assault on Harare and it'll be over before the echo of the first shots has died down...but it won't happen.
Great idea, get the Maroon Machine on the ground and sort the place out!

Then send a couple of the blokes after that twaat Generalquarters.



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You're correct, these 'right-on' cretins who supported the murders knew 'all about' Rhodesia, as they'd read it in the Daily Worker or other well respected impartial journal. Let's face it, they wouldn't know sh1t from clay about most subjects, but absolutely nothing about Central and Southern Africa. They really do see things in black & white, black = good, white = evil, racist oppressor. Then they have the gall to accuse others of racism......

I've heard these types spout off about Apartheid in Rhodies, the oppression of the indigenous people and how ZANLA and ZIPRA were going to bring freedom and light to all. How do they manage to get good grades in their subjects and have so little intelligence ?

Soddit ! I'll stop before I get into my stride...... :twisted:

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