Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/newspaper/0,,176-2114280,00.html

    If you can't be bothered to read it basically about 20 babies a week are found abandoned in gutters/flushed down toilets just in the capital Harare.

    How can anyone let that happen to their country? Surely even those most corrupt and most greedy would feel some inclination to do something about this??

    Unfortunately at the end of the day it's just another sad story from Zimbabwe adding to all the others from that country and elsewhere in the world, but it's worth a read
  2. pretty damn sorry reading crabby, but lets not forget if they had'nt turfed us british out in 1980 and elected that scrotebag of a politician mugabe then I'm sure they would be in a better position. harsh but true. The people need to stand up for themselves.
  3. Distressing and terribly sad that this is ocurring, and in the 21st centuary. However much progress is supposedly made in the process of mankind these kind of stories certainly do put things into perspective. Call me cynical but governments the world over seem purely preoccupied with self perpetuation (at every level) and megalomania and couldn't care a fig for which ever nation is under their juristiction, it's merely a platform. Sadly I don't know an easy answer except to support the global charitable welfare organisations continue to do a good job at trying to reduce inhumanities like this. At the very least bringing this kind of hideous information to international attention has to count for something positive. The whole sorry episode of the implosion of Rhodesia (sorry, 'Zimbabwe') is warning to us all of despotism at it's worst. :(
  4. Well, we were pretty much turfed out by white Rhodesians in the 1965 UDI. Official independence in 1980 wasn't so much us getting turfed out, as running away as fast we could with our fingers in our ears shouting, "La, la, la, I can't hear you", while Mugabe assumed power.
  5. The situation in Zimbabwe is greater than reported (forget hosue of stones this should be house of sh1t).

    If you want to find out more, read Cathy Bickle's letters:


    The abuses, corruption and excesses that are happening are a discgrace but we won't actually do anything as they don't have oil! (ooh what a cynic I is!).

    Thank you for this post,

  6. To correct an error or two: Britain was never in Rhodesia-it was a willing partner, until politicians shafted us.. We had our own Parliament from 1923. We had our own forces after WW2, indeed some of our guys served (not very well) in Malaya, as part of the SAS I beleive SAS orbat has one squadron missing (The Rhodie Sqn), and the RRAF served AFTER 11/11/65 in the Middle East to finish off their tour as part of the Commonwealth commitment to MEAF. And your fish-head friends made extensive use of Rhodesia for R N R during the Beira Patrol days. The British Army beleived the Rhodie Army when it warned about Mugabes terrs causing mayhem in the TTL's while putting the untrained trainee terrs in the Assembly Points. Just for a change the political fools didnt beleive you or us.

    the country has now gone to hell, and it would take a miracle to get it back. Rwanda revisited there soon. Feel sorry for all the Black Rhodie Army, Air Force, Police and Internal Affairs guys-they served loyally, and they got well and truly s*** on. Whites were lucky in the main-we escaped.
  7. my appologies for historical innacuracies, I guess the whole situation will have to get alot worse before it gets any better. Anyone fancy donning their pith helmet and red jacket and coming on an imperial jolly to sort the place out with a maxim gun or two? bus will pick you up in ten....
  8. With the deaths in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, et al. Now this. I wonder how world opinion is going to look back on us? We can invade Iraq, spend BILLIONS of dollars on it, however we can't stop the deaths of millions of people in Africa. Rascism?
  9. Well, Phil, we'd certainly be accused of racism if we DID intervene.

    Distressing article about the murder of almost 2000 white farmers in South Africa in the last Sunday Times magazine. Plus power cuts in CapeTown....
  10. dont be soft by suggesting racism phil. The fact is that there is more political gain by having a foothold in the middle east than in the dark continent. I doubt british foreign policy is dictated by skin colour or race. get a grip.
  11. If ever there was a case for the UN to get involved, but that's not likely to happen what with all the other bent and corrupt afrcian rulers represented there! :roll:
  12. The Bukle letters have told stories of farms that, having been given over to Mugabe's mates, no longer produce food but are used for parties. Marie Antoinette in her 'let them eat cake' heyday had nothing on these guys. The stories of families starving on the streets and the poor being forced out of town when we played cricket there (must avoid the embarassment of our own starving people being on TV) are horrific.

    The BBC being banned because (PTP will enjoy this) they broadcast truth fearlessly and tirelessly.

    Indeed this nation will be judged for the support it has given this corrupt man and his mates. The blood of innocents is on the hands of this, and every, government that has supported those in power and/or turned a blind eye. Can I urge those reading this to appraise themselves of the facts and petition their MPs. No change - no vote might just spur them to do the decent thing.

    Racism or post-colonialism has nothing to do with anything in this debate - this is more than arrse covering exercises - it is more sinister and a shame on our country's proud past (and yes, I know we've done it wrong at times).