Discussion in 'Officers' started by The_Hawk, May 4, 2005.

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  1. Just read a line about "...the only way to get me back in the Army is to offer a trip to Zimbabwe..."

    It has stirred some deep feelings of like-minded desire.

    Anyone else fancy a quick military expedition to Zim to practice some well deserved regime change?
  2. I am up for that, shame tony bLiar only cares when oil is involved. Morally we should have intervened ages ago.
  3. I spent 4 months trying to convince my CO that we should invade france never mind Iraq or Zimbabwe for that matter! In fact anything French has got to go! :x
  4. The thing is, if we did go, there are many who would see the war as illegal. No politician will put their head on the chopping block over this. The sad truth is, the British public won't support any politician who advocates going to war in Zimbabwe, even if the cause is justified.

    Agree with shg247, we should have done something a long time ago.
  5. I am sure that if we asked them, the whole of the Yeomanry would volunteer to give Mugabe a shoeing (provided the job could be done in a weekend*) for free. Dispossessing farmers does not go down well with them.

    * which it probably would be
  6. Why bother having a trip to Zimbabwe?

    Certainly we need to do something about the country but an invasion isn't the only solution. No matter how weak the opposition is a lot of people, a lot of civilians, would get killed.

    Why not put pressure on the surrounding countries to denounce him (or at least stop saying his election was valid).

  7. Dr_Evil,

    done in a weekend? what do you mean? in the same way Iraq was gonna be a walk in the park?

  8. Zimbabwe should have been sorted out along time ago. Ideally in 1980; Mugabe was championed by the left wing media as a wonderful statesman, but he then went and massacred several thousand people in Matabeleland. For some reason this doesn't get brought up very much.

    There are British passport holders, and in some instances British citizens that are in mortal danger, but Tony wont resolve that because that would require getting rid of one of the most racist regimes in the world; South Africa.

    Zimbabwe is landlocked, and each and every country that surrounds it supports Mugabe implicitly or tacitly. The OAU, or ECOMOG could have got rid of Mugabe years ago if it wasn't for the fact that most African leaders would love to do what Mugabe has done and make themselves President for life.

    I can only hope that he contracts the Marburg virus and dies horribly with his internal organs leaking out of every orifice. And I hope Thabo Mbeki goes the same way too.
  9. Sounds good to me.
  10. Yeah, pigs might fly :roll: , the surrounding countries are equally corrupt crapholes run by equally despotic tribal rulers.
  11. any strategists out there wont to make a prediction on what assets we would need to go in and sort the fooker out?
  12. Apart from the usual bunch of girl guides that are required to unseat an African tyrant, we will need some specialist forensic accountants to work out where the F**k Mugabe has put the wealth of the nation. we may also require a crack team of chefs who can feed the poor starving fatherlesses...

    One asset definitely required is a loudspeaker van playing "Rhodesia the Brave and the Beautiful" by John Williams on a taped loop.

    Reading Wilbur Smith it also seems we will need a pacifist bomb disposal operative whose family came up with the columns but who is passionately devoted to wild-life. It appears without him any military operation will be doomed to failure...
  13. "Lusaka Tower, this is Green Leader" - recording of Green Leaders order to Zambian air force not to interfere with the bombing of the Westlands Farm terrorist traing camp" go here for the file damn good ..... http://amarillier.homedns.org/Rhodesia/
  14. In fact any of the strapping lean bronzed colonials who have a penetrating stare would probably be able to sort the problem in a weekend. They would of course have to rescue a damsel in distress, take her with them, and then sail off happily into the sunset.

    I love to slag them off (Wilbur Smith books), but I can't help reading them.

  15. I'm in for a trip to Zim. Could handle a posting where you get a bat-man and 300 acres of back garden. Also get a cheap safari suit cobbled together.