Zimbabwe Wants White Farmers Out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. Its a shame that Zimbabwe is being driven into the ground by people who have no clue about economics. Its all about greed. At some point the people will turn on Mugabe and his gang of thugs. I just hope it happens before there is nothing left.


  2. They do this and we suffer from PIG.
  3. Not much of a surprise. The remaining farmers are an embarassment bearing in mind they are still producing harvests etc whilst the rest of the country lies fallow. Puts the lie to calims that it the weather.

    Bob couldn't really give two sh1ts about the farming sector. Bearing in mind if your country is starving and you control the keys to the larder you have the population by the short and curlies. SO this makes sense to him.

    Anyway Africa at its finest. And to further darken the mood I wouldn't hold out a great deal of hope for those guys just south of the border either.
  4. No matter how many times I think about Mugabe's destruction of Zimbabwe I can't get my head around it.

    As a white who worked as a relief manager of a cattle farm in Zimbabwe in 1994, I remember then the incredulity with which the land appropriation act was treated. When farms were 'designated' it still seemed impossible. But it proved both all too possible and all too tragic.

    Where I lived and worked, the orginal 1890s pioneer farmhouse still stood on the property, a testament to commitment and enterprise. Forget any PC assumptions, the workers were happy, at least where I was: no trip to the Post Office was complete without a local introducing themselves and trying to get a job. The local preference was to work for whites because of the perception of their greater competence and honesty.

    If generations of work had gone to wrack and ruin to somehow benefit those locals, that wold be one thing. However, as I understand it, isn't it urban Mugabe supporters who get the land?

    Zimbabwe had a chance to learn from the experiences of other African countries. If zulu_w is right, and those south of Beitbridge ignore the chance to learn from Zimbabwe, then God help them.
  5. It's none of our business but I wouldn't shed a tear if someone bumped him off. South Africa has been steadily expanding it's forces over the past few years, it's a pity they don't intervene.
  6. Quite a number of white Zimbabwians have resettled here in Australia and their predictions being proved true.
  7. At a time when very little real news about life in Zimbabwe comes out of the country it is always interesting to read Cathy Buckle's weekly letters about her life in Morendera.

    She is a White Zimbabwean born and bred, and former journalist. She has a teenage son at school there. She is a published author and has written for several UK newspapers.

    Her weekly letters are often harrowing, sometimes humorous and always worth reading.

    Definitely not the same beautiful country I remember visiting when it was Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.
  8. Why are we worrying, I'm sure that the UN or some other PC nation will send support in the form of monetary aid, tech support etc when their crops fail. God help us that the UK should really care!!

    Point here being that nobody will really care about the white farmers being kicked out of their homes with the colour of their skin being the main reason for the eviction and persecution. Do I hear bLiar shouting from the treetops.......NO!

    Politics and those who practice them, are by reason for those who wish to and regularly abuse power. Tyrants like Mugabe are commonplace, however few get the silent blessing from the british government in the fashion that he has. If a group of like minded businessmen put together a 'Wild Geese' style plan I am sure there are enough arrse folks out there that would like a bite of this cherry!

  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It is a story oft repeated about the colonists jumping ship or being walked off the gang-plank.

    It is always with the same result; this being that the country in question goes to the dogs.

    There is nothing to do for the hard working white farmers but leave and don't look back.

    As in Sierra Leone, one day there might be a loud call for the colonists to return, but it will probably be too late.
  10. I was brought up in Zambia on the copperbelt from 1972 to 1980 but my folks stayed till 1994.

    I can remember when we first got to Zambia there were no shortages but when Rhodesia blocked trade with the south slowly more and more things started to fail.

    Then when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe and we were able to drive to South Africa and it seemed every mile south was a mile closer to paradise.
    We had to use our own car as mine vehicals were not allowed out of Zambia and it was afamily joke how many times we would be pulled up by the Zim and South African police as the car was not a pretty thing and the look of amazement that we had driven fromm Zambia in it.

    I remember seeing a T shirt with something along the lines " I saw the sun set on Rhodesia, rise on Zimbabwe, Don't let it happen to South Africa.

    Well I am afraid to say I think I saw the area at its peak, Zambia is down and out, Zimbabwe has rushed to join it and south africa has started the rapid fall
  11. That'll never happen while Mbeki is in power, he's so far up Mugabes arse he can see his teeth.

    Also if you do a Google search for Mbeki Mugabe you'll see some eye opening similarities between the two.
  12. Dont know if i've missed the point here, but millions are starving already- has the UN stepped in to relieve the situation?

    Also, what happens to these white farmers that have already been arrested?
    I was in Spain with the parents a few years ago, and we got talking to a family who'd fled Zim after having their land stolen and house burnt down- they were practically travelling up through Europe, with only the the clothes on their backs.

    When talking about back home, the fear from what they'd been through in their eyes, was quite unsettling.
  13. They will be asking for reparations soon for all the damage that foreigners have done to their country.
  14. This is a story seen right across the British Empire: Idi Amin, Linden Forbes Samson Burnham, Emeka Ojukwu, to name three; kick out those of worth to a country and watch it go to pot.

    The 'Wild Geese' plan looks alright [no Mark Thatcher bank rolling it] but who wants to go running around the bush carrying Robt Mugabe and calling him 'kaffir' all the time :)
  15. Fcuking me. :threaten:

    Rant on.

    I'd take great delight in flaying the skin off that terrorist cnut then feeding the wnaker to the lions. Cnut. Due to his fckuing ineptitude and corruption he has single handedly turned what was once a bloody cool place into a complete shithole. I refuse to acknowledge the name Zimbabwe while this cnut is in power. It says Rhodesia on my birth certificate and that is what it will always be.

    Did i mention that he's a cnut? :pissedoff:

    Rant off... going for a fag to calm down now.