Zimbabwe tin foil hat required?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jagman, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. High, it's a very complex way to assassinate someone with no guarantee of a result, I doubt anyone would consider it. If Mugabe wanted Tsvangirai dead there's lots of better ways to do it.
  2. Well if you're getting into tin foil hat land then the quetion becomes who was behind it - ZanuPF, the larger Tsvangirai lead MDC or the smaller Mutambara lead breakaway MDC? ;)
  3. No nothing strange about this at all. Move along , nothing to see...

    Elliot Manyika dies in car crash.

    Zimbabwe's former defence minister, Moven Mahachi, who died in a car accident at the weekend

    Attempted assassination’ plot on Air Force of Zimbabwe commander Air Marshal Perence Shiri

  4. Is anyone else reminded of the end of the Godfather?
  5. If it was an accident then it didn't work, Tsvangirai is still kicking.
    Just seemed a little opportune a few weeks after Tsvangirai actually got into his office.
    We all know Mugabe is capable of just about anything!
  6. Does anyone really beleive that Uncle Bob and Pals would allow anyone to share in the government of Zim. An accident or an 'arranged accident'.

    Mr Tsavgari probably will withdraw from politics now, and Uncle Bob and Pals will beleive that they have finally beaten any opposition.....

  7. Did it happen in Paris by any chance? :roll:
  8. I wonder if the truck driver will commit suicide in a fit of remorse.

    It certainly may tie up some embarrassing loose ends.
  9. Anyone who has been to Africa will know how bad the standards of driving are over there.

    If Bob had wanted Morgan topped he would have put a bullet through the back of his head after he had been involved in the 'accident' that Morgan survived is testament that it was an accident.

  10. The standard of dictatorships are on par I'd suggest. :roll:
  11. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    He might be the media's darling but I've yet to be convinced that he's that much better...
  12. Was it a real accident? My fecking arrse it was...

    Conspiracy theories on a Postcard Please. :slow:
  13. Fair point, I will reserve judgement until Mr Tsvangirai emerges from hospital. I guess if he doesn't come out in a box it will be a strong indicator
  14. From BBC website...... Great reporting, Harare has plenty of dual carriageways.Most of the major roads in harare are DC's. Speeding is less of an issue as no one has the petrol, drink driving is a problem, but only at night when there are no checkpoints. From someone who has driven round Harare this report is a load of bollocks.

    Roads are quiet and this kinda of accident would be rare. But even if it is an accident know one would believe it. I expect if it is an attempt on Morgan, it won't be Mugabe it will be one of the Generals or the Mujuru's