Zimbabwe - soldiers go hungry

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by Litotes, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. The latest story in the slow-motion car crash that is Zimbabwe is here:

    Sunday Telegraph

    We might all whinge about PAYD but, at least, we are paid and we have access to food!

  2. Are these not the soldiers that have helped make the country what it is now?
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Ho ho. I know this isn't good news for the soldiers but this is worse news for Mugabe. If he can't keep the army happy, he isn't going to last much longer.

    The worrying thing is, could this end with a military coup, rather than Tsvangirai, getting in? Zim needs international assistance (read finance) and the only way it is going to get it is if there is a legitimate democratic lead in the country.
  4. They are indeed. And they are the soldiers who enforced a Free Vote on the populace at the last couple of elections. "Free" as in "ZANU-PF", of course. Sadly, the ZANU-Labour thinkers in the West believe that they're victims, and should be the recipients of Aid.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    As you know WB, the majority already have been - but in the plural.

  6. Yes, but notice one thing, if you read the news item, those in control of the armouries and closest to Mugabe (Damn the b*stard to the pits of hell) are paid regularly, more, on time and also have bonuses for acts of violence.

    It won't be long now until that Tw@t's upperlip is a trophy for someone who's had enough, it'll be a fine day for the Rhodie's who are proved right and the Zim's who knew what was going to happen and for the both of them, who only wanted such a beautiful country to work and thrive.

    Personally i'd like to see the place (As has probably been said before) subject to a Commonwealth force for say, 2 years and stabilized, then a leave behind force to monitor things..

    Bin Iraq and Afghanistan and get some nice sunshine Op's for our blokes and help clear up the mess that a breakaway colony and a marxist/tribal government has left.

    Notice I said "Commonwealth" as you couldn't trust just our government alone to make decsions as in 6 months the new Zimbabwean government would be corrupt as this one..........
  7. I estimated 80% in my workforce at BB (in contrast to UNDP's figure of 40%). Now they seem to have a major typhoid problem too. Life's just a bowl of cherries.
  8. Just a bit of a clue there...you an ex-blackboot?
  9. No, just a visiting bwana mkubwa for a year or so recently, until I got the gypsy's warning and packed up! Employed a few former black and brown booted types, a surprisingly high proportion of whom I never caught in the act of scandalous corruption (compared to most other sub-saharan episodes in my time). Tragic, all of it, but you know that.
  10. Indeed, a bit too far North for me tho' But remember as a kid of 16 sitting on the banks of the Zambezi east of Vic falls, spotting Zambian Army OP's watching 3 commando set up for a braai!

    My Old man was P*ssing himself laughing as they had set up at an angle to the braai on the other side of the river and all you could see was a cluster of Scope and Bino flashes, he expected them to "borrow" a boat and try to get across so they could ask for the left overs
  11. Sadly, the corollary is that tiny children and wholly innocent civilians are as ill-fed and hungry as the so-called 'soldiers' loyal to the regime of the disgusting Mugabe.

    So sad that the 'spiv' Bliar invaded a sovereign nation, albeit at the behest of his crazed master, whilst ignoring the plight of a former colony. A colony that had proved loyal and productive and an example of excellence and achievement to the disparate nations of the giant continent of Africa.
  12. Classic African end game finally approaches.

    1. Troops start to go hungry and things turn ugly.

    2. Disaffected factions engage "loyal" troops who suddenly see their glorious Comrade and his cronies legging it into exile to spend more time their stolen billions.

    3. Various remaining factions start fighting it out for "power" in wrecked country.

    4. Economy wholly collapses.

    5. All out Civil War leading to "Humanitarian Crisis"

    6. Media arrives

    7. After much pious spoutings by world leaders, "calls for peace" by God botherers, the inevitable farting about at the inevitable "Summit" and endless Resolutions, UN finally pay other African states to go in under their flag to bring order and spray cash about (only to find Chinese got there first.)

    8. Ongoing chaos and misery for many years until order is restored under government of national unity.

    9. Strong man emerges by knocking off opposition, supported by army

    10. Economy picks up. Foreign investors go in

    11. Money starts to be generated.

    12. African Kleptocracy occurs, bleeding country dry.

    13. Strong man remains in power by terror and violence.

    14. Economy starts to collapse. Foreigners blamed

    15. Money runs out. Army goes hungry.

    16, Repeat step 2.
  13. Who cares, l have no sympathy for anyone who serves Mugabe.... I hope they revolt.
  14. True for now, however given Broons contempt for the Armed Forces and the Governments slide towards Mugabes methods for retaining power, who knows for how long.
  15. I take it the change from large commercial farms to subsistance farming has yielded the desired results.

    10-1 says mugabes heart is eaten by one of his aides.