Zimbabwe: Shadow and Lies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/zimbabwe504/index.html

    You should be able to watch the show online . It is broadcasting tonight and they usually archive the video a week after the show is broadcast.
  2. Thank God for Maggie Thatcher bringing peace and hope to Zim :(
  3. Stuff about Rhodesia comes up every now and then, but there's just not enough people who care and the rest of the African leaders secretly approve of some of Mugabe's anti-white policies.

    Their inflation is something like 1000%, the entire government is corrupt, as is the "justice system", it's just disgraceful that this country was allowed to go downhill so far so fast.

    America should be ashamed that as the world's "peacekeeper" it has repeatedly failed to intervene in African states :D
  4. To be fair to the Yanks, I don't see anyone else stepping up to the plate. I appreciate that us Brits would probably be very unwelcome peacekeeping there and the US is a little busy with its boys doing year-on/year-off tours already... what excuse does everyone else have?

  5. How about the EU ? There are 512 million Europeans and only 285 million Americans
  6. Yes! Send in the French and Belgiums!

    (They always make a tidy job of sorting out African Nations.)
  7. It was said very very tongue in cheek. On the otherhand look through the history of independance of some of these African states and you'll see that it was former UK governors that were brought in to try and keep the country in check.

    As a nation we would not be strong enough for Zimbabwe, and any move by us or any European coallition would be incredibly unpopular with the African heads - including South Africa.

    On the otherhand if you think about it - what does several million starving Africans mean to you? As in would it make any difference to your life and the world in general if we allowed say 20 million Africans (Zimbabwe or wherever) to die? The problem would be confined to Africa, Zimbabwe has not discernable influence on the world market, Mugabe can't excert too much influence outside of Zimbabwe, so the lives of however million of them there are is meaningless to you and I. (That can be an argument - it's not mine as I believe in intrinsic value, human rights etc etc)
  8. one bright light tho , Mad Bob won't be long for this world