Zimbabwe rivals in pact

Zimbabwe rivals in historic pact


Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has signed a historic power-sharing deal with his long-time rival, opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.
The two smiled and shook hands at the ceremony in the capital, Harare, attended by African dignitaries.
Mr Tsvangirai said the agreement provided the best hope for Zimbabwe and called on President Mugabe to work together to implement the deal.
Mr Mugabe said he was committed to national unity and would "do his best".
Robert Mugabe:
Heads armed forces
Chairs cabinet
Zanu-PF has 15 ministers
Morgan Tsvangirai:
Prime minister
Chairs council of ministers
Controls police force
MDC has 16 ministers - 3 from smaller faction
well then, 'ol bobs cut some slack, i wonder how long this merry little song and dance will last untill Tsvangirai is arrested for try to force more consessions or walks out citing 'unworkable' differences.
My stopwatch starts now.........

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