Zimbabwe: Lion Mauls Woman to Death as She has Sex with Lover

A lion killed a woman while she was having sex in the bush with her boyfriend, reports have emerged. He managed to escape wearing nothing but a condom.

The woman, identified as Sharai Mawera, was mauled to death in the attack in Mahombekombe, Kariba in Zimbabwe. She was severely injured in her neck and stomach.
Her boyfriend, a fisherman who was not identified, heard the lion roar, MyZimbabwe reported. They had been having sex in a sideways position and he managed to escape wearing nothing but a condom.
He turned back to see Mawera being mauled and rushed to a nearby road for help.
Motorists refused to stop, however. As he was naked, it is presumed that many thought he was suffering from mental health problems.
A source said: "Later on people heard his plea and accompanied him to the police station, where he reported the matter.
She must not have read the packet clearly as it only gives 99% protection for safe sex.
The earth may not have moved but I bet her bowels bloody well did!
I notice that the spear chucker who was boning her had it away on his toes sharpish as soon as he heard the beast roar. A true gentleman's gentleman!
Wonder if he left a path to follow... :)
Bloke on safari was attacked by a big cat. It had just sunk its incisors into his penis when the guide shot it. It was identified as a four point tool eater Jaguar.

Don't have a coat an I think I will walk home thanks.
I wonder if the lion took the weight on his elbows?

I'll turn the light off on the way out.

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