Zimbabwe is where we should be.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by what_no_leave?, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. I put it to all ARRSE members that we would be far better off getting out of all places Arabian and heading off to some good old fasioned colonial wars. Zimbabwe is in dire need of help and attention before it implodes. God only knows the general populus would be grateful for our intervention unlike our current commitments.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Why can't we go on operations in Ibiza or the costa del sol? Even Blackpool will do!
  3. DB, thanks for your advice. I take it from your unload that the topic has been done to death?
  4. Nothing's ever done to death on ARRSE! These threads are just worth a read-through (use the forum search function to search for more / any other topics you're interested in) and you could always post something to stir up the blood and guts again... :D
  5. Pity any German para dropping in on Blackpool
  6. Pity ANY para dropping in on Blackpool!!! :D

  7. A few year ago I was in Belize I think British soldiers were their, unfortunately they were near a Rain forest preserve and not out in the Cayes,where any self respecting occupying force belongs. :)
  8. Why should we (you really as I'm 68) go and sort out anybody's problems. Then function of the armed forces is the defence of the realm not to be world policeman. Do you honestly believe that if we did go into Zimbabwe and sorted it out we would get any thanks for it. What planet are you from?
  9. We would not be HM Forces any more, we'd be world police wiping the arse of those unable to clean up their own back yard. And what would it cost us to fund all this galavanting across Africa? We are a small island with just 56million inhabitants, many of whom are pulling against the system, not supporting it. The workers will have to work harder that's what. Car tax to BOOM! Oh I know exactly how they'd fund such a 'war'. If we enter any more theatres that having nothing to do with us I'll be emigrating abroad, I'm up to the back teeth with Blair and Co. as it is.
  10. It may be correct that we should be in Zimbabwe sorting out the shamefull mess that Mugabe has created, but the fact is that we are stuck in Afghanistan and Iraq for a number of years yet, still have people in the former Yugoslavia, commitments for NI, the Falklands and have a requirement to maintain the training of at least some of the armed forces.... which means that except the proverbial 'Three men and a dog' there's nobody left to send to the former 'bread basket of Africa'. But they ensure us that the forces are in no way overstretched and there is one day going to be a 24 month inter deployment interval.
  11. Sometimes I think promises are made with absolutely no intention of them seeing fruition. It's all lies, lies, lies. Quick fix here, lie and cover up there.
  12. yes, this is the Other Half Forum, time to move me thinks!
  13. Yeah the fat slags on hen nights will give them a good run for their money :lol:
  14. The truth is, a lot of people in Zim were British subjects at the time, now are forced around the world, except Britain as our home office has an only Kosovian citizens entrance policy :cry: