Zimbabwe Farms "Seized"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WalterWarry, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Now that Morgan Tsvanirai has finally arrived at the trough I would guess he is looking for some "compensation" for himself and his MDC cohorts.

    If the man had honour he would never have done a deal with Bob, thereby buying Mugabe even more time.

    BTW hope you enjoyed Bob's birthday bash Morgan.

    And so it goes on..........

  2. Some sloppy reporting from the BBC but probably excused by the fact that it is difficult to get reporters into Zim.

    Even so, there is nothing to implicate Morgan Tsvangirai in these actions. Uncle Bob still has complete control over those responsible for these acts. Most Zims I have spoken to believe that Mr Tsvangirai is a man of high principles and will eventually be a force for good in the country so I am not sure why the first post seems to hint oherwise.

    As to the accusation that he has done a pact to prop up Mugabe, that is bordering on the rediculous. If anything, Tsvangirai has been put under immense pressure to try and create a solution by going into government. That is pressure from South Africa, surrounding countries, the West and his increasingly desperate people. Walking away would have secured Mugabe's position until death, desease or anarchy destroyed Mugabe or everyone else.
  3. This was in open forums weeks ago. Not news and who cares. Morgan has taken the money and is well happy. Shame as he could have been a better man the old Bob.

    Still nice to see the Zimbo stock market is now in US$ and the Bank of Zimbo is printing its own US$ Vouchers in which all Army, Police ,Teachers and Ministers are paid. :twisted: well who would have thought it?

    OOM Bob has a hot phone link to Cyclops to pass on his financial wisdom :D Which is to be true better than old one -eye's Fuckups!

    Only few months and UK will be in the same state except it will be the guest workers who will be demanding that the UK farmers leave "their" land and NUZANULABOR will do the PC thing and hand the over to the real owners. Armianians to Zimbos are in for a farm or two thanks to Broon.
  4. Uncle Bob seems to be hastening the final collapse of Zim,then.

    Will cyclops be there to pour in even more aid when(and not if)this finally happens.
  5. Morgan reckons he needs $5 bn US to reconstruct the country, presumably that is after expenses have been deducted.

    What the hell these days, Gordon should be good for a billion and another couple from Obama.
  6. cant we just send em Gordon instead of cash??