Zimbabwe blames US and UK for droughts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. Found this on the Beeb:

    Seems to me that the state may be trying to turn the locals attention away from their corrupt business and try and blame everyone else for the countries problems.

    Origin: here
  2. A Zimbabwean government type on Irish television last week blamed the famine on an act of God 8O (Well, ZANU-PF have regarded Old Comrade Bob as a god for years...).
  3. it definitley the end, when they start to lose grip on reality then you know the whole thing on a slippery slope to hell.
  4. Zimbarking
  5. and Jack Staw wants to send people back there - has that idiot got a brain?
  6. At least with them here, we don't have to feed them.
  7. UK/US manipualating the wheather, clever arnt we 8O :?

    If its true can whoever it is give Bergen a bit more sun this year.

  8. I'm on the plane to Harare tomorrow; hope it's sunny.
  9. I blame Bush for the thunderstorm which is currently p1ssing on my house - he used a mind-control ray from the Star Wars programme to start it!
  10. Stoatman;

    Your national flag is top quality.
  11. I doubt whether it has anything to do with Mr. Mugabe's situation, but the USA is apparently experimenting in the field of weather modification with a view toward potential military applications.

    I'm speaking of the "High-frequency Auroral Activation Research Project" (Project HAARP) It has something to do with using microwaves to energize the ionosphere.

  12. NWD, you've hit the tinfoil-hat brigade's motherlode there with HAARP.
  13. The only sad part is that how many ignorant bartsewards over there will believe him! Not to mention the ones over here.
  14. Well that's the weather accounted for. Now who will they blame for the idle, shiftless corrupt cnuts who run the place.

    Build a 20 foot wall right round the border then fill with water.
  15. Holy Cr@p. Its going to be a scorcher today. Whoever is manipulating the weather thanks for actioning my request.