Zimbabwe bank to issue $10m bill

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DrStealth, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. Zimbabwe bank to issue $10m bill


    50,000% inflation. so just how long is it untill they are issuing a billion bill? :roll:

    sort it out South Africa, theres noway the west can help unless the SA gov finally admits that they are the only option to settle the basket case to the north.
  2. I'm sure somehow things will get confused and a corrupt or a bumbling immigration official will accept one of those notes as proof for this!

  3. My coleague at work is a Zimbabwean. The poor sod works all the overtime he can get to send stuff home to his extended familly.

    I think that it is time the "West" stopped sending "aid" to Africa. IMO we are only prolonging their problems. Africa (most of it) is rich* but bad/corrupt organisation prevents the people benefiting from their resources.

    *By this I mean that Africa has shed-loads of natural resources.
  4. I think the country should continue to send aid, but only on condition that the UK gets something more valuable in return.

    Otherwise they can bog off.
  5. Maybe they should slash a couple of zeros off their currency like Romania did - was quiet strange paying for a bottle of water with a 100,000 note!
  6. I don't. Aid is just subsidising coruption IMO. Africans need to sort their own problems. AID is no long-term solution.
  7. Hyperinflation in 1923 Germany.

  8. The difference is I feel National interests should take primacy. Hence who cares if aid subsidizes corruption. All that matters is whether or not that aid promotes national interest in a tangible way (not in some wooly feel-good morally righteous kinda way).