Featured Zimbabwe army on manoeuvres?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kinross_special, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. From Khuluma Africa:
    • We have received information that KG6, the military headquarters has now been sealed off as well. People are not allowed to enter or leave."

    Mugabe's house sealed off by army

    Reports: Army has cordoned off state broadcaster ZBC, major arteries in Harare

    Khuluma Afrika (@KhulumaAfrika) | Twitter
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  2. I've commented a few times on here before that Zim has been my odds on favourite for a black-swan deployment for quite some time now, either PKO or enabling humanitarian ops.
  3. You call that a machete?
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  4. We can make some money on this gig...

    from 2007
    Abuja - The price of a machete had halved in parts of Nigeria since the end of general elections in April because demand from thugs, sponsored by politicians, had subsided, the state-owned News Agency of Nigeria reported on Tuesday.

    The agency conducted a survey of prices in the northeastern state of Gombe and found that a quality machete was now selling for 400 naira (R21) compared with 800 naira before the elections, which were marred by violence in many states.

    Machetes are primarily used as a tool for farming in Nigeria, but they are also popular among political gangsters.

    "Before the conduct of the general elections, I was selling a minimum of seven machetes daily, but can hardly sell one a day now," said Usman Masi, a trader quoted by the agency. - Reuters
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  5. Whoops. Sounds like they're over-due then. Poor sods.
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  6. Just needs a spark, Grumps.
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  7. Zimbabwe today, Venezuela tomorrow, UK some time post next general election should Corbyn win.
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  8. Would it be ironic if a coup does happen, Old Bob gets slotted, and the Army calls it “Operation Quartz” ?
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  9. Never understood why it’s still KG6 when they’ve busily changed almost everything else.

    It is *that* KG6
  10. You are going off topic - but who ever wins the next GE it will be like that

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  11. Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re using the same plans to be honest...
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  12. So, sh!thole African republic goes t!ts up and has a coup. This is news?

    Will the 1st Arrse Rifles be reformed under Colonel Grumpy and step in to save the say arriving in a battered A400M stolen from Brize Norton and with lots of THOSE rifles and an unlimited supply of ammo?

    Grumpy will be Colonel Allen Faulkner
    Kinross will be Lieutenant Shawn Fynn
    BravoBravo will be Captain Rafer Janders
    Damanbugs will be Father Geoghegen
    Old Yin will be Sergeant Jock McTaggart

    Open to offers for the following parts:
    Medic Arthur Witty
    RSM Sandy Young
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  13. Well, ask Simon Mann and Bob Denard about Freddie's book!

    In 1975, the French mercenary Bob Denard attacked and took over the Comoro Islands, at the top of the Mozambique Channel.
    He was acting with the knowledge, assistance, and on behalf of the French government. Amusingly, as his French mercenaries came up the beach in the predawn darkness, they all carried a paperback edition of Les Chiens de Guerre (The Dogs of War in French), so that they could constantly find out what they were supposed to do next.
  14. A NEO might be before any PKOs or Humanitarian Aid Ops. Govt website has updated its info:
    Zimbabwe travel advice - GOV.UK
  15. All we really , actually know so far is that four or so tracked APCs were seen in and/or around Harare. The video showing more APCs was apparently shot in September ( apparently it is quite easy to determine this ). As the article I linked to says ZNA presence in the city is not entirely unusual . Maybe it is a coup but personally I think odds are it isn't . Let's wait and see.
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