Zimbabwe army on manoeuvres?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kinross_special, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. Yes. But more 'factional' than tribal.
    Shona are the majority tribe, with Ndebele second by a long chalk - about a 75/25 split.
    Ndebele are an offshoot of the Zulus.
    But the biggest issue, as I see it, is the 'militias' - lots of youth/yobs who'd take sides, depending on which way any coup goes.
    Also, the police are pretty much a paramilitary organisation, and it is questionable where their loyalty lies - will they take sides based on what their 'faction' is?
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  2. You and they boys getting the band back together....
  3. T-55

    fascinating backstory here:

    Rhodesian Armoured Corps - Wikipedia

    The first intake of T-55 crews were recruited only from Rhodesian Army regulars and assigned to a Bundeswehr veteran, Captain Kaufeldt, who was well versed in tank warfare.
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  4. Elwood walt.
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  5. Ta. So if it kicks off.... nasty.
  6. That's a T-55 being used by the Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment so presumably it's 100mm. The Rhodesians were given eight T-55s by the SADF in 1979, of a shipment of 10 originally meant for Uganda ( I think ) that ended up in Durban.
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  7. I haven't seen her product for a long time. Is she still reporting?
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  8. Yes.
    And in typical African fashion, will be a great time to 'settle scores' and loot and pillage.
    The other big - and unanswered question - is whether the Zim Defence Force have been paid?
    It came to a near mutiny last year, and recent reports out of Zim are they are hard up for cash, and have ceased a lot of imports - including food! - as their forex reserves are depleted.
    So if we have a bunch of disgruntled hungry and unpaid soldiers and rozzers, while the 'elite' are buying Rolexes and Rolls Royces, it is a bit of a powderkeg.

    Mugabe's son buys 2 luxury Rolls-Royce cars | Pretoria News

    WATCH: Mugabe son pours champagne over his 'expensive watch' as he parties in Sandton

    "Zimbabwe in 2009 abandoned its own currency in favour of the US dollar due to hyperinflation.

    But it started running out of those dollars and last year it introduced "bond notes", a parallel currency pegged to the US dollar.
    The bond notes themselves are running short, forcing banks to ration cash withdrawals.
    Government has blamed clandestine dealers running the black market for the shortages of cash and basic commodities.
    The country has in recent months experienced basic foodstuffs and sporadic petrol and diesel shortages."
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  9. Can’t wait for the offshoot thread, “What type of machete is that?”
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  10. serendipity - just posted a link re the rolls royces from peta.
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  11. Link above, baboon.
    I seem to recall the 2 the SADF kept were stripped down and eventually used for weapons testing with the Denel 90mm and 105mm guns.
  12. For the time being, African Defence Review strongly advises restraint against drawing dramatic conclusions about an ongoing or imminent coup.

    Yes, given the past two weeks' political events, it is tempting to speculate that there is a connection between the deployment of military personnel and the comments of the Army Chief of Staff on an 'intervention' - but there are very real dangers of violence breaking out as a result of rampant and unfounded speculation.
  13. Seen, thanks. Good to know she's still doing what she does best. "...via his mother’s position he had established links with the mining industry..." (Goreraza). You bet, and we know what sort of 'links', don't we, boys and girls?
  14. I think it was MG on the first strafing run followed by a dumb bomb.

    SA7? Pah! Bad drills given THAT rifle was available, and could easily take down objects in near Earth orbit.
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