Zimbabwe army on manoeuvres?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kinross_special, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. On an adjacent theme, I see the 'other Mr Smith (W)' is still knocking out books well into his 80s.
    I suppose that is what happens when you trade in wife 2 for younger model 3 - t'would be nice to have the opportunity, some day !
  2. Completely correct.
    But, it's not that naughty colonialism thing.
    No sir, only the white man does that.
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  3. Pity an enterprising 'newshound' from the democratic western world didn't find their way to said brother back in 1980, and warn the rest of us.
    Or, maybe he/she did, but that inconvenient fact didn't suit the narrative of the time.

    B t w, let's just pause to remember who was largely responsible for creating these conditions: step forward (that old goat) Kissinger and the ghost of BJ Vorster, closely followed by Carter/Vance/(the repulsive manchild that was) Andrew Young, aided by that other manchild on the make, David Owen.
  4. There aren't enough 'likes' available to compliment that effort
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  5. When my old friend from a farm near Middleburg heard this, he said "won't happen, agreement soon won't be worth the paper its written on, this is Africa ".
    I do hope I soon see his cynicism come to pass.

    On that note, it's time for bed.
    A happy 2018 to all arsers.
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