Zimbabwe army on manoeuvres?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kinross_special, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. My youngest Cousin and her Husband are literally carving a farm out of the bush in Northern Zambia now. Been at it for around 4 or so years, started literally with a plot of nothing but bush, building as they go, mud brick house, growing crops and using profit to build more. She's 28, and they're just getting on with it. It's what makes the difference. Both Zimbabweans, both doing very well in Zambia because well "Zimbabwe"
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  2. Guide me here: do we now need to start referring to what were 'Winnie Mandelas' as 'Grace Mugabes'?

    I ask only as an honest seeker of knowledge.
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  3. As a former resident in N. Rhodesia in the early '60's, in the old N R Police, based in Chingola & Bancroft now called Chirila Bomwe, close to the old Katanga (now part of DRC) border, may I ask where. They would have to be near a reliable water source (river/lake) for an arable farm to be viable otherwise it wouldn't grow enough to make it worthwhile.
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  4. Place called Mkushi, they have water / lake so good to go. Interesting you're ex NR Police, my Father was BSAP and was the senior copper at Kariba during UDI. Much later he introduced me to his NR Colleague who used to drive across the dam for a chat until UDI then they ended up facing each other across a barrier
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  5. Interesting, it wasn't a place I got to in my time there but I see its on the Great North road and the TanZam railway. I believe some of the farms in the area are owned/run by Chinese who came over to help build the railway and supply the mainly Chines workforce with food they liked.. Apparently the locals are upset with them for producing vegetables at a better price than the locals can, mainly because the Chinese have a greater work ethic than the locals.
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  6. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Not surprising. The Chinese could run all the countries in that region far better than they are being run now, both for themselves and for the local populations.

  7. From what I gather from reports from Zambia & Malawi and I believe several other African countries, the Chinese are de facto running most of the major infrastructure, but staying very much in the background with a few well paid but useless African political appointees nominally in charge.
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  8. Just had news that the last of my blood relatives in Africa has passed away in Bulawayo.
    At least he lasted long enough to see the cause of him losing his farm ousted from power.
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  9. Its a very sad occasion for many/most of the Europeans who lived in the former S. Rhodesia who will be written out of or totally misrepresented in history by the legion of pc liberals who seem to infest our educational establishments around the world.
    A couple of my former NRP colleagues went to S. Rhodesia after we gave N. Rhodesia its "freedom" in 1964, some joined the BSAP, others to work and in one case to buy a tobacco farm. He was murdered by so called "veterans" after Mugabe came to power along with some of his workers who tried to defend him as he was a great boss who not only built good accomodation for his workers but built a school & a clinic, the staff he also paid for.
    As I have said earlier Southern Africa from Kenya to the Cape could have been one of the most prosperous continents in the world with the right enlightened governance. It has an abundance of mineral resources and with the right management, fantastic agricultural potential!
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  10. It was a symbiotic relationship that worked well until political correctness got in the way.

    Non of us are ‘equal’.

    We should have equal human rights, but all have strengths and weaknesses that if harnessed in the right way can move mountains, carve out nations from bush, and make crops spring from deserts.
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  11. Correct.Some are more equal than others.
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  12. I find myself inferior to many others in almost every aspect of life... but comfort myself that I am nowhere near the bottom.
  13. Me too Kinross, in fact they get my biggest monthly D/D these days after the usual suspects (Council, Gas Board, robbers at the electricity company etc).
    I have been to a couple of their events - hugely reliant on volunteers, I have gently probed - partly to satisfy myself, and partly so I can confidently urge others - and they are the real deal.
    Plus, you get a wonderful non-PC Newsletter from their Chairman a couple of times a year. He's an ex Tory MP from the Oxfordshire area, and I am so old and stupid now, I have forgotten his name
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  14. Tom Benyon.
    I usually get there. Eventually.