Zimbabwe army on manoeuvres?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kinross_special, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. The implication is obvious.

    Can't pay the "rent"? You get kicked out, or worse, and someone in the good books of the authorities gets even more land for free...
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  2. New to this thread?
  3. Just a point, but if you're in sub Saharan Africa, how the hell can you be in central Africa?

    Have those cursed cartographers been at it again?
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  4. They were a syndicate with control held by the Generals and Bob as figurehead. They fell out and China who requires stability authorised his removal.

    The investments they have made with income from the diamond mines and various other mineral resources that they have been siphoning of state assets for years will have been producing huge amounts of interest.

    The payout mentioned is pin money to them. Call it housekeeping petty cash.
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  5. My wife looks after elderly people, in one place she visits their are several elderly Rhodies, all left the country with nothing, everything they had was stolen or taken from them
    by the time compensation reaches them they will be dead and buried
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  6. So right Joshua, luckily I saw the writing on the wall in 1980 and built up a nest egg in RSA. Bob's elder brother was a storeman at the mine where I worked and told us that Bob is a Sh1t.
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  7. £56,000 - that wont even keep Grace, err sorry I mean Dr Mugabe, in shoes. Hopefully, when Bob croaks, Grace will be on the normal state pension of US$ 25 per month (paid in worthless Bond Notes that the central bank has started printing to pay the country's debts since they can't print US Dollars).

    You racist b@stard. Don't you care about African traditions and culture. For a proper military coup, Bob would have to fall down the stairs and die in a single story police station that doesn't have any stairs.

    I think Bob may have underestimated the ferocity of this Crocodile bloke who is replacing him. Once he consolidates his control of the country things may well change for the Mugabe family.

    • Reconfiscate the property that the Mugabes stole and pay them using their own loot. Bob's first payment to include the $60,000 watch his son trashed live on Twitter last week by pouring $600 of champaign on it.
    • Mugabe's sons to have their two Rolls Royce limousines confiscated and given to Bob and Grace - but they have to pay for the servicing, petrol and MOT themselves as well as cleaning the semen stains off the upholstery made of endangered species leather.
    • Grace's diplomatic immunity to be lifted, but only after she lands in South Africa. Anybody know what Johannesburg women's prison is like?
    • If Bob doesn't die soon, something terrible to be discovered or made up to justify removing his immunity from prosecution.
    • Bob's sons to get proper jobs as waiters in a remote part of South Africa. Being called "boy" by big fat Boers who think PW is still the PM will be good for them.
    Seriously, Bob's clearly on his last legs. If Grace has any sense of reality left she'll bail out to somewhere well out of the way like China where I understand the people love to celebrate racial diversity. Oh, hang on a minute. She had her bodyguards batter a press photographer there so she might get arrested. Perhaps South Africa. Err, no she assaulted a "model" there for leading her sons astray. Have to be Europe then. Oh feck - she's banned.

    Grace - if you're reading this - it's either North Korea or staying in Zimbabwe where you know the silent majority want you back in power. Only joking. I hope they hang you from a fekkin' lamp post the day after Bob's funeral.
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  8. Don't call me a bastard, you'll hurt my feelings
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  9. Some friends of mine torched their place before they left for SA in the '80s.

    "If we can't live here, nobody else will" was the sentiment at the time I believe.
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