Zimbabwe army on manoeuvres?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kinross_special, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. There seems a complete ambivalence to the disappearance of Grace. How strange.
  2. Chicken run ? Gapped it? Running like a swastica? All down south?
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    that plot mentioned earlier sans memorial stone
  4. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Perhaps there will be a memorial slab. For a day or two you will hear a faint tapping ..
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  5. But has she "disappeared" as reports are saying she was still in Zim with Boaby.

    The reality is that she's a side issue, he's out of power, her cronies are being or have been rounded up, she's now, effectively, nothing as her entire power base has been ripped out from under her.
  6. Those who were a little concerned with the direction things were taking have certainly effected a very effective course correction.

    It would now indeed seem to be an irrelevance where she is. I daresay the ‘controllers’ have made a concession to Bob and will allow her at some stage to either live quietly with him since he is going to stay, or if she wants, now he is no longer her stepping stone to glory, to leave and go somewhere that will permit her to settle.
  7. MoleBath

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    1. Millitary Masons

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  8. The offering of compensation to white farmers will be an interesting move.

    Wonder if this is an attempt to try and tempt some back. Similar to Zambia’s offers to white farmers, to regenerate food production and increase chances for foreign aid to be restarted.
  9. I wonder though, if he leaves the country would he be able to access and move the vast funds that he has stashed away in Switzerland ?
  10. It is; the expertise remains, although I would expect it's second-generation (as such) by now. If the incentive is there, there's nothing much to argue against it; guarantees would have to be solid in any contract, and due diligence should pop up some good likely bottom-lines on land effectively fallow for the past three decades.

    I'd be more surprised if the larger Chinese commercial interests - in agriculture and extraction - weren't given first bite, though. The returns to Zimbabwe's WaBenzi would be higher.
  11. It could just be that having experienced a totally different type of ‘colonialism’, albeit at a distance, they could just be deciding that one could have been slightly less toxic in the long term.

    Pragmatism is a shared human trait.

    While believing that genetic evolution has in a Darwinian fashion shaped species in different parts of the world, in particular ways; in some parts there were successful, though perhaps somewhat unequal partnerships, that overall benefited both parties.

    Penny dropping.

    Could be possible.
  12. DON'T fall into the trap here.

    He also said that the "redistribution" of white-owned farms would not be reversed but said his incoming government would be "committed to compensating farmers from whom land was taken."

    Zimbabwe already runs a compensation scheme introduced last year that sees tenants on "redistributed" land pay rent to the state which is in theory used to compensate evicted farmers, but it has been criticised as effectively unaffordable for new tenants.
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  13. I seriously don't see that as being in any way effective, or even intended to be. 'Subsistence' farming is well-named, and that is what most of those occupying formerly productive land engage in. Some years ago I noted here that I could drive from BeitBridge to Harare without seeing a single managed plot of agricultural land other than one or two scrubby maize shambas.
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  14. Independent reporting Bob's done a deal in return for him going quietly:
    £7.5 Million Payout (£3.75Million now, the rest in increments) + £112,500 p.a. until his death...then Grace gets half that p.a. Until she carks it.
    Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe 'to receive £7.5m plus salary for life' after being deposed

    Which raises a number of obvious questions:
    It's the Army he was dealing with, so why didn't they just off him? S.O.P for Africa, save themselves a few quid and make up a story about him trying to make a bolt for it...nobody would have believed them, but we would all have looked the other way and understood.
    More worryingly, whose funding this? They aren't exactly flush. The dust hadn't even settled and all our politico's were all falling over themselves about helping funding a new Zimbabwe, from the ring fenced Foreign Bribes budget, whoops, sorry. I mean Foreign Aid budget?
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