Zimbabwe army on manoeuvres?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kinross_special, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. More chance of a Zip pulling itself together.
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  2. You are Harold Wilson and I claim my £5 that's still worth what it was.
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  3. The Croc and his gang would like to keep the money coming in.

    For the last couple of years the money has been a little tight, the Chinese had become a little disenchanted with Bob.
    Desperate dictator: China refuses Robert Mugabe's request for Zimbabwe bailout

    Business was getting bad and here was Grace the 'newbie gimme girl' trying to become the new money siphon. It just wasn’t going to wash.

    This is 'a new start’ for the country. "With assistance from our friends and former colonial power we can make sure the country gets back on its feet again."

    It’s an old tune with a new choir.

    The ever so slight worm in the apple... who’s in charge of the choristers.

    Bob was blamed, but there was a team behind him. Bob’s now gone, The team?
    How Mugabe destroyed Zimbabwe's economy
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  4. You'll take this 100tn Zim dollar note & be thankful.

    zim dollah.jpg
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  5. it really does give an indication of the frame of mind when they actually spent money to print an official admission that the country had gone to hell in a handbasket.
  6. Just gets better and better...

    Mugabe's final offer: 'I'll trade Grace for power'

    Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe offered to send his wife into exile in a foreign country in order to retain power. It eventually took an army of Mugabe’s closest allies to persuade the president to leave office, even as four tanks and armed soldiers surrounded him and Grace at their private Harare residence.
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  7. Oooh, now there's a conundrum.

    He was willing to throw his wife under the bus, but she only has her "immunity" because he caved in.

    Now, he's not a young man and is not likely to last much longer, so what happens to her "immunity" then? And, for the same reason, she can't have him offed because he was happy to throw her under the bus, so I get the feeling she's only in a slightly better position than she would have been if he had been forcibly removed from power...
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  8. Dear Respected One,

    I speak to you on a matter of great importance. I, Robert Mugabe, the one true President of Zimbabwe, am being held under house arrest in Harare by treacherous elements of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces under the command of its chief conspirator Constantino Chiwenga. I can report that I am well but fearful of a great calamity which will surely fall upon this country unless I am freed from this apprehension. My captors are nothing less than criminals and mercenaries, paid for and in the pockets of western imperialist pigs!

    It is for this reason that urgently request your help; during my tenure in office I amassed a vast personal fortune from gifts and donations by grateful Zimbabweans equivalent to many millions of dollars, kept in an offshore bank account for use in the event of a coup by unscrupulous generals. Alas, due to my current containment, it has been impossible to release these funds without the assistance of a foreign agent. Sir, we are honourably seeking your assistance in the following ways:

    1. To provide a Bank account where this money would be transferred to.

    2. Pay a small release fee to facilitate transfer of the cash through international channels.

    For this generous assistance, we are willing to offer you 15% of the fortune as compensation for effort after the successful transfer of these fund.

    I am looking forward to hearing back from you. Make Zimbabwe great again!

    President Robert Mugabe
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  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Is there any international arrest warrant out for Mugabe?
  10. Quite a few, I believe. Now he's lost Diplomatic Immunity...
  11. Has he? Haven't seen if that's been confirmed as the "new boss" could confer said immunity on him if he wanted.
  12. Bill Cosby has a new job ...
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  13. From what I remember, he will still have diplomatic immunity as a ex-head of state, same as Pinochet when he was arrested in the UK but released uncharged. The same reason Blair can travel freely around, and Idi Amin (As there was no ICC at the time in Idi's case)..

    The usual practice seems to grant this, with the only exception being if the ICC go after him. Not sure whether this is actually a right under an international convention, or just a curtesy by governments.