"Zimbabwe and the White African".

Has anyone else seen this yet?

It seems pretty long overdue. It was big in the media back in the early 2000s, and a lot of people were talking about it since the late 90s, but it has been increasingly slipping from view since 2003 and the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I can only hope that this helps bring Zimbabwe back to the attention of the public in this country. It is a problem, and unlike the problems in Iraq and Afghanistan, it seems we have a much direct responsibility for what is happening there.


Edit: YouTube Link.
Came across this on another forum. I think it sums up Zimbabwe very accurately:

A black couple are huddled together under a thin blanket in a rat infested
shack in the middle of Harare.

There is no water or electricity and they haven’t eaten for weeks.

They are slowly dying.

Suddenly there is a rumbling in the pipes and water starts to gush from the

The light bulb flickers and then shines in the room.

They look out of the window and a truck in the street is handing out food.

“Get my AK47” shouts the guy “The bloody white men are back”
Having spent several years in N. Rhodesia & visiting the South on several occasions, prior to the Africans gaining their "freedom"! I remember watching in the late 90's/early 2000's, a documentary on TV, made by a black American University proffesor who was seeking his "roots"! He took a train from Bulawayo en route to the Zambia/Tanzania rail link and interviewed a young black Zimbabwean couple in their early 20's. He started by saying how much they must enjoy living in "freedom" after years of white oppression. The couple replied that they were still at school then but their father said that life was much better under the white regime, things worked, people were treated fairly and there was no corruption! The Black Americans face was a picture , he was totally lost for words and quickly changed the subject!
Zimbabwe is, albeit one of the worst examples, typical of most of sub saharan Africa.
One of my former colleagues in the Colonial Police had moved to S. Rhodesia after independence was granted to the North and started Farming. It would be difficult to meet a more likeable and charming man, he didn't have a single racist bone in him and always treated his African subordinates with fairness & respect. Yet he was murdered by some of Mugabe's "war veterans" in the late 90's and his farm confiscated !
When you look at what is now happening in the limp wristed liberals wet dream, the "RAINBOW" nation you can see that slide more & more into chaos as even the ordinary African realises that their beloved leaders are not just corrupt but totally unable to run a country! :x
Especially when you realise that prior to "freedom" it was one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but now thanks to massive corruption & mismanagement it has to borrow from the world bank!! :x

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