Zimbabwe - Again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, May 21, 2006.

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  1. The Times

    How is this man allowed to carry on like this? Zimbabwe inflation put at 1,041%, umemployment at 90%. The figures could go on and on.

    Surely the African nations could do something? Put some pressure on him etc. He's made a mess of a country that had a good future ahead of it - Zimbabwe is blessed with a better climate and better natural resources than most other African Nations.

    Any ideas what can be done? (other than Operation Rhodesian Freedom)
  2. The problem is that African states do not have the power to pressure on Zimbabwe and they do not want to. Look what happened when the Commonwealth tried to do something about it the African states group together against the so called "white bloc". Personally I believe that as a former British coloney it is our job to sort out this problem we did in Sierra Leone so why not here. Zimbabwe once the great example of how an African country can make steps to prosperity and now look at it. The British government needs to put the pressure on.
  3. Remember guys the F&C Soldiers who come from Zim. they are now declared persona non grata by Mugabe, so cannot rerurn home on completion of their UK mil service.
  4. He's certainly left an ubelievable legacy of incompetance. It looks like even the South African's Mbeke has given up to some extent. Maybe the only silver lining is his destruction of the Zim economy and treatment of white farmers stands as a warning to the South Africans and Namibians while they deal with similar issues.

    Edit: Then again maybe some never learn. Link.
  5. Nope, seems like no government will learn from the past (ours included). All we can hope is that it will stop one or two following down the same path as you said
  6. As long as the leading cliques in these countries have the backing of the Army and a good secret service to round up dissenters nothing will change. Within SA there is an abundance of corruption but because of Mandela's calming influence post-independence, some moderators were allowed into the govt and that's why up till now the damage hasn't been as bad as Zim.
    No Brit govt (especially Labour) will touch Zim with a bargepole for fear of being accused of Imperialism and trying to re-establish colonies. Add to that a great proportion of the cabinet were anti-apartheid and anti-Smith in their younger days and they just won't admit or face up to the fact that it didn't turn out rosy like they expected. Any approach gets the reply 'It's an internal or African problem'. Don't hold your breath :roll:
  7. South Africa could - if it wished - take action against Mugabe, for example through the simple expedient of cutting off the supply of water to Zim. However, Mbeki is too much of an old-style comrade to take such a step, and both he and many of his colleagues and supporters in the ANC really do admire Mugabe. There is always in theory the military option, as the South Africans have the only army in the area worth talking about, but politically it would be unacceptable. Too many of the leaders of the neighbouring states owe Mugabe too much moral payback from the days of 'the struggle' to speak out, let alone take any steps against him. That ignoramus Nujoma is already moving against white-owned land in Namibia, and ANC rabble-rousers know that favourable references to Mugabe's actions as a template for similar steps in SA go down a storm with the mob.

    No Western government would lay hands on Mugabe, and he knows this. Personally, I'm of the opinion that someone should hold a collection to pay for a PMC or some ex-32 Bn types to knock the old barsteward off, but that's just me...
  8. When the test matches against England were taking place, beggars and other 'undesirables' were bussed out ot the region so that newspaper and television reporters did not get to see them.

    Everyone knew this was happening, especially those sporting grandees, but we (royal, all-inclusive) all decided to gloss over it and ignore the situation. People are starving to death but unless they become extremely oil rich' I guess it will never be a strategic place in terms of taking direct action.

    For an insider's view of the problems take a look at :http://africantears.netfirms.com/thisweek.shtml

    Farms have been taken away from their owners and given as venues for junkets to those within Mugabe's circle of croneys and supporters. Places that produced food are no longer producing, people who had income have none and we stand by. This is more than incompetence and it is tacitly supported by our government and others.

    Sorry people - tantrum now over,

  9. What Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe is disgusting. It is made cdoubly bad by the potential to be economically strong as a result of its natural resources. The method of land reallocation has bee brutal not only to the whites but also those blacks whom they employed. I can understand the need to redistribute land. I do understand why Namibia and South Africa will wish to redress the balance for the white domination of land ownership. However my fear is that in giving land out in small parcels they too will become uneconomic. Hundreds of farms created from one large farm will only create a subsistence level production of food. This can not be good. Perhaps when compulsarily pruchasing the land some kind of co-operative needs to be put in place in order to ensure that there is no overall drop in food prduction.

    That aside, South Africa has got make all of African nations take a stand and stop Mugabe. The suffering he has inflicted must be stopped. Perhaps saving all the lives that are currently under threat will be worth being accused of being a colonial power and Britain too should step up to the line.
  10. Sorry to say but South Africa is no longer capable of taking military action against Mugabe. Pre-Black Power days they could field a couple of very strong divisions, consisting of well trained and experienced soldiers commanded by some very good generals.

    Then the terrorist wings of the ANC and their mates were admitted and most of the good guys left. The army today cannot in reality field a Brigade in the field for more than a few weeks; the ANC has spent almost no money on the logistic train of the army. Thanks to the practice of moving all army units away from any towns and into the middle of nowhere, the soldiers now have an AIDS infection rate exceeding 50% (because they all fcuk the same 30 hookers, and are too fcuking stupid to use condoms).

    Mbeki is a very old friend of Mugabe. Mugabe shielded the ANC when they did their hit-and-run attacks on white owned farms in the Orange Free State and the Transvaal. Mbeki also thinks that Mugabe is not the source of the problem: like his friend 'Bob', he blames the whites for every ill. In 8-10 years South Africa will be in the same state as Zimbabwe is now. Why do I say that? Because the next leader of the country is an idiot who admits to fcuking a woman he knew to be HIV+ without a condom. Officials of the ANC have been going around spreading various messages about AIDS; most popular (and recently spouted by Mbeki) is that it doesn't exist, and is just a ruse by white-owned drug companies to sell expensive drugs to them. 2nd most popular is that the disease is real, but was created by the whites to subjugate the blacks. The basis for this claim is that AIDS incidence amongst the white population is less than 5% (compared to national average of 40%). They refuse to see that it is because the Boers tend to be careful who they fcuk, and when they do, they wear a condom, something that most black africans are unable to do because they believe that 'real men' do not use them (this from people who think that if they fcuk a virgin, they will be cured of AIDS, which had led to an explosion in child-rape incidents.)
  11. I get the sense that Nujoma's successor--forgot his name and to lazy to google--is less confrontational in his approach, he seems to be on a campaign against corruption. A lot of speeches and posturing but with a large minority of Germans living there I think Namibia receives a healthy amount of German foreign aid, investment and tourism which might act as a moderating influence. Here's hoping.
  12. That's what I had heard. Am I right in thinking that the 1998 intervention in Lesotho was a bloody shambles? I also recall that there have been a few episodes of former comrades in the SANDF 'going postal' on army bases. To think that the SADF hammered the living daylights out of the Cubans in the 80s - now, the SANDF probably couldn't withstand an assault from a battalion of Cuban waiters...

    Sadly all true.
  13. With the condom and AIDS bit I had the strange experience where, having a dog-collar, that in one African nation I was working in the young women wanted me to have sex with them becuase they assumed I'd be free from the virus.

    The culture was that they couldn't marry until they had conceived to prove they were fertile and if they resorted to friends, uncles or other members of the family they'd probably contract AIDS. That said, I also came across young girls who had been made pregnant by extremely close relatives (brother, father, etc.) but had also contracted the virus in the process - many of these young women gave birth to infected children and died within a few years of the birth - a treagic scenario no matter how one views it. This is the reason for the 'virgin' theory being so powerful, the end in African AIDS cases is much messier than in European.

    STill back to the thread - sorry for the digression but thought the background would explain the background to the terrible rise in virgin rape cases (but never excuse it, especially with the younger children),

  14. Well sorry to say this but with the terrible rise in aids/HIV in zimbabwe there will be very little population left
    So possibly Rhodesia will rise agin.

    hooray for the Rhodies !
  15. Interesting comment. I've thought about that as well, although I've read the white SA population's HIV rate is something around 5%, much less than the 1 in 3 or 4 rate among blacks, but a percentage that would be epic in the US or Europe.