Zimbabwe again...interesting though

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Jun 20, 2004.

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  1. The problem is that the UK does not have the resources to mount a unilateral regime-change op and the Spams are not interested in underwriting a joint venture. Both are overstretched militarily.

    Zimbabwe is also landlocked, so you would need a springboard for invasion in South Africa or Mozambique. And the equivalent of an airmobile division. None of the neighbouring states would be likely to cooperate.

    The aftermath would be the most difficult phase, even if it were possible. Guerrilla warfare would be inevitable. Post-Iraq, that's not an acceptable political outcome. Too many bodybags.
  2. Bet if there was "oil" there we wouldn't be hanging around? Seems sickening we will go and defend the rights of arabs who hate us anyway but not do anything to stop this situation from happening, worst case senario, 50,000 white people (of which there are a lot - expats) will be killed, tortured or displaced.

  3. The dilemma for Bliar and co is that "Black Bob" Mugabe was the toast of the town when he was a so-called freedom fighter. Now he's a tyrant, in the familiar mould of African dictators, but they can't admit it. Especially when their other imperial jaunts have emptied the toybox. Any unilateral action by the UK, even if possible, would destroy what's left of the Commonwealth. Tough on second and third-generation white Rhodesians - oops! Zimbabweans - who're losing all their families worked for and are arguably as African as any Shona or Ndebele.
  4. What about an army "adventure training weekend" that coinsidently coinsided with Black Bob accidently shooting himself 32 times whilst shaving?

    Of course i am joking!

    Guess we will just have to suck it and see?

  5. No doubt someone has looked at the possibility. Bliar's probably hoping the old cnut will just die of natural causes. Not peacefully in his bed from gunshot wounds, though he richly deserves to be given the good news. :wink:
  6. Outstanding!

    We can live in hope

    BZ's All round shipmate.

  7. I predict that Bliar will do nothing to help the "whites" and the opposition. As rightly stated, we are overstretched and BLiar and his cronies would have to admit supporting the wrong candidate during the civil war years.

    So how long before South Africa ends up the same way? I would never envisage this happening in Zimbabwe but thats a Dictatorship for you!
  8. The Zims have about 40,000 men under arms, but they're a rabble. They'd be easy to knock over if we had the available manpower, transport and political will. Won't happen though. Not PC to topple a black dictator. Better run ashore than Iraq by by long chalk........ :D Climate's better AND they've got breweries. Locals would welcome us, too, unlike the rags.
  9. Or peacefully in his car in the middle of the night, a fate that seems to befall his opponents with depressing regularity.

    Not forgetting the Black Zimbabwean British passport holders , and of course, millions of the IP who aren't in Mugabe's gang?

    The reason we are having trouble justifying a quick break in, is statements like "protecting the Whites"

    Fcuk protecting the Whites, if we go in, it's to protect everyone that needs our protection, before the whole mess slides downwards, Dharfur stylee.

    We need to be making THAT point

  10. Problem is, PTP, go in with what? Most of what we've got's sitting in the Sandpit, recovering from garrison duty, or preparing to go. The toybox is empty of soldiers. And the Spams wouldn't back us because of their own overstretch. Pity, but we have to face facts. :cry:
  11. Alas Claymore, you see the flaw in my argument.

    We can't rely on the IP to support our break-in either , we simply don't know how terrifed they are of going into open revolt against Mugabe.

    Maybe without our current committments in the litter tray, it might have been a possibility, but with the new cuts about to be announced, I guess we just have to wait for Mugabe to die of natural causes , but of course, only the good die young :evil:

    A quick regime change? The post-op logistics would be a bloody nightmare, as well as not being able to guarantee co-operation from the ANC Government in ZA, which means if we can't keep them fed and busy, we get a descent into famine and shifta roaming the place, and our troops having to cover the whole country in penny packet amounts.

    Why do the French never seem to have a problem going in to sort their old territories out?
  12. Because they send La Legion Etrangere. Paris is always willing to fight to the last drop of Legion blood. :lol:
  13. http://icwales.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/0700world/tm_objectid=14352185&method=full&siteid=50082&headline=mugabe-u-turn-on-land-nationalisation-name_page.html
    Errrrrr what's he saying then?
  14. I think he's saying the land his thugs stole, ruined and now occupy will stay with them, while the land he's about to steal, ruin and occupy in a broken-down fashion will go to his governmental cronies to keep them onside. Cnut. Thieving cnut.