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OK, after a year or so of guzzling the meagre stocks of Guinness in Messina and Louis Trichardt WB has quit the region, and won't be up to any more surreptitious meetings in Meikles and the Other Place while the CIO rep eyes my guests through the holes in his newspaper.

My frequent trips to SA were great .. but I've yet to come to a definitive conclusion as to why so many Afrikaners are so bloody vast across the belly. Too much crime, though; can do without it. Nice to get some half-decent groceries from across the Limpopo every so often, mind. Zim's Spar shops remind me of the East German emporia in the mid-80's.

Zim is now a basket case. Strangely, everyone's become used (institutionalised?) to the fear of their Government and its' organs, and they don't seem to really mind talking about it - depending on who you're talking to, of course, and always keeping fairly close to the official line just in case. The scumsucking Ministers all blame "Sanctions" (?!) on the country's troubles, as do the papers and their monotonous leader-writers, who miss no opportunity to blame everything on Tony Blair. At least they're aiming in the right direction, I suppose. I was loudly and threateningly lectured at some time ago by 'Sydney', one of the most senior CIO scumballs, when I dared to even query the official line on this.

Interesting thing about the newspapers; the only white people ever mentioned anywhere in them are English Football League players, the occasional World Bank/IMF object of derision and the Blair/Bush conspiracy. You could be very easily forgiven for thinking that there aren't any whites left in the country if that was your only source of information.

Anyway, my last drive from BeitBridge up to Harare was sad, if only because I actually counted a total of 5 (five) cultivated fields on the 6-hour trip. The rest's gone back to bush by way of Ministerial ownership.

I wish the Zimboons well. It has to come right eventually (...not in the near future, though; some bloody chance...) and there's a lot of them who are good, honest and bright people who've been undeservedly kicked around. I just hope they don't go through the same experience that Tanzania had - 30 years in a nightmare wilderness because of some insane politico b*stard's idea of engineered social structure. Or that they become slaves of the Chinese, which seems to be a popular political ambition in Africa right now. Pity about the AIDS, too. They aren't going to get through that one in a hurry.
Thanks for that, WB. Good luck with your plans for the future, whatever they are.

As for Zim, I don't believe a word of it! If it was in that much of a mess, surely the Shaved Chimp and the Lap Dog would have regime changed its ass by now... :roll:
Don't you believe it. I have two clients who've just done a runner from Zim. Whiskeybreath is holding back, the place has been turned into a sh1tehole by ZPF. It'll take 50 years for it to recover - if it ever does, when Mugabe is finally deposed.
A tragedy that Zimbabwe's problems were so avoidable. Whatever your views on Smithy and the UDI regime, they meant that Zimbabwe got majority rule late enough to be able to learn from the worst mistakes of its neighbours, not try to repeat them at a later date.

As for Comrade Robert Gabriel, is there still a minimum speed limit around his pad? I remember the big warning signs and the blokes with RPDs and belts of link around their neck posted at intervals on the street with instructions to stop anyone driving past too slowly. Always made me a bit twitchy I admit.

Still remember, from twelve years ago, the best sausages I ever tasted came from Halfway House on the road between Harare and Mutare.

You never know Whisky, perhaps (God willing) we will be able to visit there in happier times.
The police prsence and speed limits are definitely still in place in front of his hoose. If you break down in that road you sweat blood apparantly.

This is something my clients talked about over drinks with me in the summer. (as well as trying to teach me Shoshone) LOL
For those in the know please forgive my limited knowledge about Zimbabwe. What amazes me about the place is that it hasn't imploded yet. Just what is it thats keeping it going?
There is a family of "asylum seekers" in a housing association flat near me. They buy and sell old cars until they have a decent enough motor, they then ship it to Zimbabwe. Apparently a P/R reg'd peugeot 405 will go for £5k. Don't know if they were bullshitting or not but not bad money for being unemployed. Turning over one car a month and currently has four ready to go.
Invicta said:
For those in the know please forgive my limited knowledge about Zimbabwe. What amazes me about the place is that it hasn't imploded yet. Just what is it thats keeping it going?
The poor (non-ZPF) are dirt poor whereas ZPF supporters get fed and the elite are stripping the country bare. It will implode soon, just when nobody knows.

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