Zidane Headbutt

Zidane Right or Wrong

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He should be charged with assualt! French W****k!!!
I think if you look closely enough Mr Zidane slipped causing him to make accidental contact with the Italian gentleman.
I think this is the third thread about this now.......so i'll say what I said on the others.

Shit targetting, 6/10 for effort, he's a cunt.
hallveg said:
I think if you look closely enough Mr Zidane slipped causing him to make accidental contact with the Italian gentleman.
Behave! Not even a "Service Policeman" would fall for that one - not unless he heard it from a sniffer dog, because we all know where the real brains lie in the partnership!

At least he didn't do an 'Henry' and hold his face like he smacked with a sledgehammer

HURRAY! I wanted France to win, but no question about the sending off. If you are going to get sent off in your last game, should have spread the greasy bastards nose over his face.
still bad form to be sent off on your last game, surprised at Zidane given his years of experience and the baitings that does come with it, even if the comments might have been about his mother, he could have used his skill to do the talking, then settle the issue in the changing room corridors after the match.
Has he been taking lessons off of Boris Johnson?

Should have followed it with a swift kick in the Jacobs.

I think he was being fucking ridiculous.

What a way to end a glorious career, and I'll concede it has been glorious, even if he is French.
Total fooking idiot. Not just for ending his career like that, but he's let down his team a treat. How did he think he was going to get away with it?
Unfortunately Rooney still has a few years in his career.
Sad end to a brilliant career.

Even worse, he let his mates down at the crucial point of the game, he would most certainly been one of the penalty takers and may have made a difference yet he blew it big style. Knobber.
Agreed, he let his team mates down, let his country down and also has spoilt what should have been a good memory of getting to the World Cup final and either way he could bow out, win or loose with pride..... only he had to head butt...... and he did not even do it properly, if you want to bugger everything up, do it proper like!
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