Zero-Tolerance Plod has house closed down after 'parties, drug taking and violence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. Ah, GMP's finest.

    A" senior policeman who ran a "zero tolerance" crime crackdown on nightmare tenants is the owner of a house which has become a blackspot for anti-social behaviour.

    Insp Mohammed Razaq, 52, was put in charge of dealing with anti social behaviour on his beat after complaints about neighbours from hell, feral youths, illegal street drinking and vandalism.

    But whilst working with housing chiefs to evict yobs on a council estate in Bolton, Greater Manchester, a ten bedroomed house the officer owned five miles away became a blackspot for late night parties, drug taking and violence.

    Neighbours compiled a dossier of 49 incidents at the imposing Victorian townhouse describing how drunken tenants had thrown bricks at them in the street and jumped up and down on cars.

    Now the anti social behaviour order laws Insp Razaq often used to deal with thuggery on his beat has now been used to close down his own house in Higher Broughton, near Salford. All the tenants have moved out and the windows are boarded-up. "

    Oh dear. Clearly an unfortunate lapse. But......

    "Insp Razaq said he had been the victim of a 'witch hunt' on the evidence of just one witness. He said he and his son had fully complied with everything council officers had asked of them.

    Insp Razaq is currently suspended on full pay from his post after being arrested in may 2011 on suspicion of unrelated allegations of corruption and fraud.

    He was cleared of any wrongdoing on duty but was charged with six offences of fraud and three offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act relating to insurance and mortgage fraud.

    It is alleged he exaggerated insurance claims following flood damage at his house and secured a mortgage at a lower rate by failing to disclose that he was buying to let.

    He will "strenuously" deny all charges and is awaiting trial. "

    Policeman who ran zero-tolerance crime crackdown has house closed down after 'parties, drug taking and violence' - Telegraph
  2. Not related to Mr Dizai by any chance?
  3. No mention that yer man was at the parties? He is just the owner of the place.His son was running the house.
  4. Don't see how it's his fault what his tenants did really? Unless he was there at the time he could hardly take action unless anyone reported the problem to him.
  5. Ceasar's wife must be above suspicion. Besides, if he can't control his own son, why should he be trusted to deal with all the other untermenschen in the city?:roll:
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  6. Bent copper?

    Bless my soul whatever next?

    Next they'll be suggesting just because he's got a funny name he's a mausoleum.
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  7. Repaired.

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  8. I never thought of renting out my ten bedroom house.
  9. Just hope he and his family get screwed.

    The unfortunate side is it will cost 100's of thousands to prosecute and prove plus the appeals on top. Look at Dizaie "cant be bothered looking up the correct spelling" he's still fighting and he's as guilty as sin
  10. The Police are just like any other organisation, you get some right cocks in the job that really should know better